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This is your chance to connect with us in a relaxed online setting (dare we say, laid back?) Whether you’re here as an extension of your in-booth experience with us at an expo, or simply want to check out what’s happening at the event remotely – we encourage you to join us in whatever way works best here on Arcules Connect.


Arcules @ ISC West 2022

Embrace the cloud, further your digital transformation, and learn how to modernize your security and business operations from anywhere in the world. Join us in person, or here on Arcules Connect: a virtual event portal that brings you closer to the Arcules team, our products, and our vision to help you transition to the cloud.

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What's New at Arcules

Innovative Architecture

Arcules + Google Cloud = A Match Made in Heaven

In this video, Priyanka Vergadia from Google speaks with Ben Rowe, the Cloud and Security Architect at Arcules about VSaaS (video surveillance as a service), the challenges of scaling, and why Arcules chooses to use Google Cloud. Watch to learn how IoT devices send data, how video monitoring is done, and how all the data is combined with machine learning to provide you with useful business insights!

Access Control Expansion

Feenics / Mercury Integration

Through our strategic integration with Feenics cloud-based access control, Arcules combines our two cloud systems with a seamless connection that provides advanced insight into security events across a business’ infrastructure as well as expanded panel support.

The Feenics Keep app, which supports Mercury panels, is designed on a flexible infrastructure that allows stakeholders to embrace a more intelligent, connected environment. Together with Arcules, customers can view video in the Keep player for Windows, aligning video verification and access control data for powerful, informed decision-making.

Live Video Verification

Archived Video & Alarms

Play & Export Video

Voice of The Customer

Edward Hobart
VP of Customer Experience

A New Focus on Listening

As we have rapidly scaled our customer base and accelerated innovative development, it’s more vital than ever that we align our customer engagement model with a value proposition and success team that supports successful deployments and long-term partnerships.

With the new appointment of Edward Hobart, CCXP, as Vice President of Customer Experience, Hobart will spearhead Arcules’ efforts to deliver an unmatched customer experience and enhance the company’s position as customers’ first choice for a unified cloud security platform.

In this role, Hobart will be tasked with providing strategic insight to enrich and expand Arcules’ dynamic customer experience, helping the company deliver on one of its core values of providing the utmost service and support to its partners and customers. He will be responsible for empowering the capabilities of the Arcules support teams and will work closely with sales, marketing, and product development to establish a shared view of the customer journey and customer engagement mapping.

Customer Success Stories

By taking advantage of Arcules’ open platform and Milestone XProtect integration, Together Omaha saved thousands of dollars and dozens of hours by simply linking the Arcules solution with their existing cameras and infrastructure.

Learn how Arcules and New York Security Solutions, Inc. migrated WeWork’s 10,000 channel video surveillance system from on premise to cloud and saved the company $1.4 million in the process.

As a small district with tight IT budgets and a lack of dedicated staff, LUSD was struggling to maintain its aging surveillance infrastructure. Arcules provided a flexible solution that would leverage their existing infrastructure while improving reliability and ease of use.

The Arcules Edge Cloud solution uses an average of only 10 Kbps (up to 50 Kbps) of internet bandwidth per channel while recording video, enabling Renown to operate inside the bandwidth constraints dictated by their mobile sites.

Security & Compliance

Arcules is Security. It's in Our DNA.

Cybersecurity is more than just certifications and encryption – learn how Arcules lives and breathes security so your business can stay compliant and secure by design.

These days, it seems like every other day a new virus is unleashed or another company’s information is breached – we know the prospect of transitioning to cloud can seem scary and uncertain – that’s why we eat, sleep, and code data privacy and risk management.

From an office culture that reinforces good IT practices, to an engineering pipeline that doesn’t create back-doors, all the way to layers and layers of digital and physical protections that keep your system as safe as it can be. We’ve got your back 24/7.

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