One of the biggest trends in security over the past several years has been the adoption of cloud-based services, spearheaded largely by an increasing number of video-surveillance-as-a-service (VSaaS) offerings in the market.  Retailers stand to gain immensely from cloud-based video surveillance.

For instance, retailers that have multiple geographically dispersed locations, limited loss prevention staff and disparate surveillance equipment, cloud services provide central management of store surveillance across locations as well as continuous and reliable storage of critical video data. As a result, cloud services remove the barriers in data collection across all business locations and can offer retailers data analytics for business intelligence.

Without question, making the move to cloud marks a fundamental shift in how retailers approach loss prevention and security. Check out the 5 reasons why #CloudIsNow for retailers.

Centralized/Remote Monitoring  

In effort to adequately manage risk, today’s businesses must be ready to respond at all times. This is where a cloud-based service for video or access control enables users to manage and monitor their entire security solution — at one site or across multiple — at any time from any location through a single, intuitive interface. This provides the peace of mind that an incident can be addressed immediately within a moment’s notice.

Easy Setup and Use 

VSaaS solutions, like Arcules, deliver simplicity when it comes to ease of setup and ease of use. Setup can be as easy as utilizing a “plug and play” gateway (or multiple gateways depending on the number of devices)–where within a few minutes of “plugging” into an organization’s network, the security solution is up and running.

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For Arcules, the gateway contains software that automatically discovers cameras and access control readers, adding each device into the system to be centrally managed and set up. As cameras are incorporated, end users and integrators have the ability to manage views, users, alarms and analytics through a web-based interface that streamlines the setup process.

An intuitive interface makes the Arcules service easy to use, bringing data together into a single dashboard that informs users of everything related to their system. Users can quickly identify cameras and access control readers that are offline, be alerted to cameras that are experiencing obstructed views or add cameras as needs change — all from a platform designed to deliver easy access and information at a user’s fingertips.

Powerful Flexibility

Let’s say your organization wants to expand and you need to increase your surveillance coverage to account for the growth. With the cloud, data storage is no longer an issue as it can scale up or down as necessary and additional cameras can be added at an incremental cost. 

As a business grows or its technology systems become more advanced, using a cloud solution to store and manage video and access data allows for rapid adjustment and agility, reducing the complexity that can come with expansion. The scalability and flexibility that the cloud offers can be critical to the success of today’s modern retailers as they expand locations, change existing stores and leverage new and emerging technology to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Built-In Analytics

Cloud-based video surveillance makes it simple to utilize analytics capabilities across multiple stores, sites or locations by running analytics on video gathered through various camera sensors. As cameras are discovered and incorporated into the centralized platform of a cloud-based service, end users and integrators are able to choose the kinds of video analytics they would like to apply to their incoming video data, such as record-on motion, vehicle/people in region, camera tampering, people counting, heat maps and customizable alarms and notifications.

Beyond some of the obvious LP use cases such as facial recognition to spot known shoplifters or those suspected of engaging in return fraud, analytics holds enormous potential for retail marketing and customer service departments. Imagine being able to use heat mapping to determine what endcap merchandise attracts the highest amount of customer foot traffic or allocating staff resources more efficiently because the surveillance system was able to recognize longer than normal checkout lines beginning to queue. 

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Real-time Updates

Technology is always changing, which means as soon as a software provider releases a new feature, another might be due for an update. That’s where cloud-based services can provide one of the biggest advantages: automatically updating features and enhancements in the centralized cloud service.

With a VSaaS solution, these tasks are handled by the service provider, oftentimes before the end user even notices any issues. In most cloud configurations, the health of cameras and other equipment are being continuously monitored and can be fixed in a timely manner, reducing the risk of losing video data. Historically manual tasks like applying software patches and updates are done automatically through the cloud, therefore reducing long periods of downtime, and eliminating the need for added IT support.

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