What to expect when you grow with Arcules

Your Arcules Journey

Security isn’t one-and-done. From connecting your first camera to scaling your hundredth site, Arcules delivers benefits through your entire journey.

Project Phase

Key Benefits


A drastic reduction in hardware needs means a significantly easy system design. Add to that the ability to utilize your existing cameras and network infrastructure, and you have a simple plan over time. A plan that benefits integrators, installers, & IT Admins.

Planning & System Design

A massive saving in up-front cost at every site:

  • No expensive server costs for hosting data
  • Say goodbye to complex license fees
  • Minimal or no changes to existing network infrastructure
  • Less hands make for faster work: fewer on-site visits and fewer installers

Why an open platform

By supporting over 3,000+ camera models, we eliminate the need for a rip-and-replace and give you the flexibility to choose your own devices.


Adding a new site takes minutes and the only task you need to be on-site for is to plug in the Gateway. Once connected, your cameras are connected to Arcules cloud, and everything else just works.

Your first trial

Low barrier to validate our solution fast:

  • Use existing Network infrastructure
  • Use existing cameras (no rip-and-replace)
  • Auto-discovery of Cameras

Customer insights

Most of our trial customers experience less than 5 minutes from the time they first plug in their gateway to having their first camera connected to the cloud.

Configuration & Setup

If you’re coming from an on-prem solution where you had to manage a server, operating system, and device drivers, then we’re sorry (not sorry), those days are gone.

Setup & Configuration

Simplified configuration:

  • Drivers are pre-installed on our Gateway
  • One interface to remotely manage all devices
  • Access ONVIF and many native driver advanced camera settings

Reduce time on-site

Because device configuration can be remotely managed, an installer can simply get a camera up and running, and other team members can adjust settings and configuration remotely any time.


Once you’re ready to invite more people across an organization it’s a simple process of entering their name/email and they get an invitation to self-register. There are not limits to how many people you can invite – all included in our price.

Invite & Manage Users

No complex licenses or account management:

  • No limits on how many users access the system
  • Grant access to both locations and roles to control who can access which features
  • Speed up your user management with User Groups
  • Simplify onboarding with SSO integration

Not just for security

Our customer WeWork demanded the ability to onboard hundreds of end users fast. It was so efficient and easy, they were comfortable with more people outside security using the Arcules platform.


Both cloud and edge analytics ensure timely events are delivered via a fully customizable rules engine. Let the right people know about health events or video and access control incidents fast.

Monitoring Security

Help your teams focus on what’s important:

  •  Accurately target very specific events
  • Deliver events to the right people
  • Receive events via SMS, Email or mobile push notifications
  • Set notifications to individuals or user groups

It’s all about speed

Live Video with lowest industry latency, powerful playback search, and fast export/case management all designed to help your investigate and respond quickly.



Arcules scales blazingly fast. Once you have one site up and running, very little is needed for your next site. A unified platform means that it’s one application instance for all your sites.

Adding more sites is this simple:

  • Add a new Gateway at your new location
  • Discover and configure new cameras
  • With a few clicks, invite new teams
  • All your existing rules, notifications, exports/cases simply need to include your new locations


Day 1

Trial Gateway received and installed with test cameras connected to the cloud

Day 3

Setup system, analytics, rules, users, and monitor performance

Day 7

Trial/pilot KPIs met. Green light first production site rollout.


First site complete, continue expansion to multiple sites.

Week 3

Process and rollouts validated for expansion to 10+ sites

Week 4

Expansion to 50+ sites, with 1,500+ channels streaming to the cloud

Month 2+

Mass expansion at speed and scale, supporting 200+ sites and 6,000+ channels per month


As an integrator, the simplicity of cloud and our platform ensures you will get up to speed with Arcules fast. Every step of your customers journey is simplified, reducing the time you need to spend on getting customers up and running, and giving you back that time to spend on planning more solutions and expansion.


Intimately understand Cloud and Arcules. We provide the tools you need to educate your customers.


Understand designing for a cloud system. We provide Calculators and tools to help you plan and design a customer rollout.


Get access to our sales toolkits. Partner with us and help us educate you and your customers to close and deliver.


Onboarding your customers is seamless and fast. This is where we shine - cloud drastically reduces the resources you need to onboard.


Scaling your customers to their 10th or 100th site requires very little work on your part. The hardware and cloud infrastructure takes care of scale for you.


If customers need some hand-holding, they can grant you access to their system and you can be helping them fine-tune remotely. All you need is a browser.