A demanding K-12 district quickly enables remote monitoring with a scalable cloud security solution
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Recognized as one of the best institutions for quality, impact, and value. They provide academic and physical learning opportunities to establish a dynamic foundation for quality education and continued student growth. By policy, this school has chosen to remain anonymous.

"Arcules stood out from the competition because of the robustness and advanced capabilities of its cloud solution, and the willingness of the team to craft a plan to meet all the school’s critical requirements."


The school district’s goals:

  • Easily access video to stay ahead of time-sensitive risks
  • Simplified management of server network infrastructure
  • Reduction of hardware to maintain
  • Higher levels of cyber security and cloud-first initiatives
  • Rapid deployment across campuses to reduce costs and down-time

The school vetted several solutions. On-premise solutions required significant capital expense, costly ongoing maintenance, and features that could not be implemented within the required timeframe. Other systems lacked vital features and could not scale. 


The Arcules unified cloud security platform has proven to be a highly functional, flexible, and convenient method for the district in its drive to protect and modernize its facilities.

The Arcules platform was designed to be intuitive and user friendly. The school’s security operators can easily manage and monitor the district’s various campus locations without the need for extensive training. Because of this fact, the school could reap the benefits of the new system almost immediately.

Remote access to video footage

Authorized users can access information from any place, at any time, and from a range of devices. Emergencies and incidents can be addressed immediately.

Flexibility and speed to scale

Arcules is able to scale as the district adds elements to the system, including buildings, more video surveillance cameras, or additional access control readers.

Data security with the highest industry Google cloud standards

Arcules’ service is built on Google Cloud Platform, with stringent protocols to ensure data protection. 

Automatic Updates

Regular updates to on-premise hardware and software, while critical, were cumbersome for the district’s IT department. Arcules is regularly automatically updated with security patches and new features.

A flexible and expandable platform

Centralized management helps the school quickly add new buildings, add/change cameras and access control functionality as needed without the downtime typically associated with on-premise solutions.


The changing nature of today’s educational environment necessitates the ability to choose solutions and services that are accessible, scalable, flexible, and provide the proper levels of security across the organization. When properly secured and managed, the cloud enables this leading Southeast school district to create a safe and secure space for students and faculty alike and enhance the security of data and effectively manage risk.


Arcules has partnered with I.P. Video Corporation to integrate HALO IoT smart sensors into the Arcules platform. HALO IOT Smart Sensor is a multi-sensor capable of detecting:

  • Vape, THC & smoke
  • Sound abnormalities like gunshots and shouting in areas a camera cannot be placed
  • Air quality, temperature & humidity
  • Hazardous chemicals and more!
school vape detection