Young Living Essential Oils Secures Global Sites with the Arcules Cloud
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Established in 1994, Young Living began as a small, family operation producing pure essential oils from its headquarters in Lehi, Utah. Today, Young Living is a global organization with offices across the U.S., Australia, Europe, Canada, Japan, and Singapore and farms around the world. Through the continued involvement of founders D. Gary Young and Mary Young, Young Living has grown to become the world’s leader in essential oils and wellness solutions with over 6 million global members.


Stone Security
Stone Security was founded in 2006 by law-enforcement and IT professionals with a goal to become the most trusted and sought-after security integrator in America.

Brandon Johnson, Manager of Global AV and Security, Young Living

Nic Hasler – Founder & President Incline Technology Consulting


Like many healthcare facilities and hospitals all over the country, Renown Health has faced the influx of patients infected with COVID-19. As a result of this demand for more beds to test and treat critical patients, Renown Health expanded its facility to include 10 additional remote, mobile units that support incoming patients. Since these locations are not permanent, security leaders needed to find a solution that addresses connectivity and bandwidth issues and provides additional oversight at these locations without having to invest in an on-site server.

As a longtime customer of Incline Technology Consulting and an existing customer of Milestone Systems, Renown Health required a solution that integrates seamlessly with the XProtect Video Management Systems (VMS); one that could be remotely controlled and monitored through the existing system. The facility also needed the ability to seamlessly add cameras to the infrastructure as their needs changed or expanded — sometimes at a moment’s notice.


Struggling with significant budget cuts and challenging network connectivity, Incline recommended the Arcules Unified Cloud Security Platform not only because of its scalability and flexibility, but also because it seamlessly integrates with both their existing Axis Communications IP cameras within the remote facility, as well as the Milestone-XProtect VMS. Yet, the limitations around connectivity created a challenge with being able to reap the full benefits of cloud storage.

Arcules partnered closely with Nic Hasler of Incline to incorporate a way for Renown Health to leverage cloud-based functionality within the limited-bandwidth environment: the Arcules Edge Cloud Solution. The Edge Cloud solution allows security leaders at Renown Health to collect and store incoming video data from five Axis cameras on an edge storage device, while also enabling users to remotely view and manage that incoming data via the cloud.

Re-use existing cameras

Hardware savings of over $50,000 if they were to purchase new cameras, and over 500 hours of labor to install them.
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Milestone Integration

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Low Bandwidth Edge Cloud

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Speed of Deployment

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By adopting the open platform and cloud-based functionality from Arcules, Renown was able to use all of its existing encoders and camera infrastructure without having to spend the significant amount of time and resources it would take to completely overhaul the system. Hasler stated that the ability for Arcules to be flexible and agile amidst the changing needs of the hospital was one of the best features of the platform.

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"We’ve gone through a number of iterations of our vision for protecting external areas of the hospital, from the trailers that are housing COVID-19 patients to the variety of other remote locations around our facility where physicians and medical personnel could securely test and care for patients. This is all a testament to the flexibility of the Arcules system."

Nic Hasler – Founder & President Incline Technology Consulting