Data Centers

Protect data center operations protect and secure critical infrastructure

Scalable data center security with cloud video surveillance, access control and analytics.

No matter the size or scale of your data center facility, keeping it secure requires an intelligent, intuitive approach.  Arcules cloud security integrates video surveillance with access control, layered with analytics, to protect your entire site from perimeter to colocation cages.

  • Integrated Video Surveillance with Access Control secures co-locations
  • Supports third party IP cameras for leading technology or re-use
  • Combine built-in video analytics to improve safety and operations
Built on Google Cloud Because we Understand Security
Arcules understands the importance of data security - both physically and in cyberspace. Speed-to-cloud and cloud security are foundational in our solutions and corporate practices.
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Overcome Obstacles In Data Centers

Advanced detection
Data center operators need to be aware of people movement throughout the facility. Arcules video analytics turn IP cameras into smart motion detection devices to do just that.
Integrated access control
Video surveillance, access control and analytics combine to secure areas with varied security needs. Prevent floor and co-location access to unauthorized people and video verify badge swipes.
Open Camera Support
Support for 3,000+ IP camera models. Existing cameras remain in use without rip-and-replace or choose the latest technology from leading providers for the best surveillance for your location.
Smart alert options
Powerful events-based rules engine lets you notify the right people via the right communications methods. Set triggering rules and notifications based on motion, region, time of day, or people counts.
video & IT infrastructure
Arcules sends video and data to the Google cloud for secure viewing, analytic learning and safekeeping. Rack space remains dedicated to your revenue generating server and storage infrastructure.
Easy to Learn & Use
Put video surveillance in the hands of staff with little to no training. Empower your associates to make decisions based on real-time information and alerts.​
Multiple site locations
Connect geographically dispersed centers across the country or around the globe. Remotely setup and scale across locations in days, not months.
Operate at scale
From a single room to a Tier IV scaleout operation, the Arcules cloud fits your size and grows with you.
CyberSecurity Threats
Utilize the latest technology in security and threat prevention backed by Google Cloud technology. Data encryption is enforced at all vulnerable points.

How Arcules Helps

Arcules enables data centers to easily manage surveillance across locations while proactively responding to potential incidents, rather than just reacting after the fact.

  • Centrally monitor all of your facilities and colocation areas in all locations from any web or mobile device – anywhere, any time.
  • Quickly and easily add new centers and locations, with low per-site investment.
  • Create alarms and notifications to alert suspicious activity, such as motion detection during non-peak hours or people in unauthorized or restricted areas.
  • Reduce IT dependence with remote, automatic, and ongoing software updates and security fixes.
  • Layer and tighten security by integrating access control with video surveillance and built in analytics.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Built on Google Cloud Platform, Arcules delivers security, low latency, and global backup to guard against failure.

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