As Head of SRE, Sakura Mizuno leads Arcules’ SRE team with laser-focused vision to enable velocity and scalability in Arcules’ products and service delivery chain while maintaining reliability and end-to-end security.

Sakura is an accomplished technology leader with years of experience in all facets of cloud native engineering and scalable systems, as well as being well-versed in cloud solutions from the Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Azure. Prior to Arcules, Sakura has spent over fifteen years with The Capital Group Companies, where she led architecture and platform engineering teams in the adoption of a hybrid multi-cloud strategy and DevSecOps culture.

She is passionate about building high-performance teams to manage, automate, and streamline complex engineering designs. When she is not leading, tinkering with IOT automation projects, she is in the kitchen, designing and experimenting with new recipes for family and friends.

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