Platform Features

Arcules solutions are backed by a platform designed to scale your security operations.


Open Camera Support
Support for 3,000+ Camera models in a truly open platform
Unlimited Channels
From 1 to 100,000+ channels, we're ready to scale
Google Cloud Power
Arcules Google Cloud Platform for best-of-class cloud performance, security & scalability
One small appliance connects your cameras to the Arcules platform, deployed in minutes.
Unlimited Storage & Scale
Unlimited cloud storage with flexible retention and local video buffering
Multi-site Remote Management
Centrally manage all your sites from any web browser
Easy to learn with minimal training
Up and running in minutes with self-learnable interface
Simple pay-as-you-scale pricing
Monthly pricing, adaptable as you scale. Annual subscription Licensing


  • Drivers for 3,000+ Camera Models
  • ONVIF Driver Support
  • Flexible Cloud Storage options
  • Turn any camera into a "smart" camera with Cloud Video Analytics


  • Live & Playback any time, anywhere with private and shared camera views
  • Multi-camera Live Streaming and Synchronized Playback
  • Video evidence for case management
  • Single/Multi Live and Playback
  • Synchronized playback
  • Video Motion/Analytics and Health Monitoring notifications
  • Personal views cameras and analytic graphs
  • Health status dashboards
  • Network diagnostics tools
  • Flexible viewing grid layout
  • Accurately determine the number of people in a building
  • Measure occupancy across cameras
  • Live occupancy monitoring
  • Real-time occupancy count on a monitor
  • Occupancy Rates (as per the new/updated workplace capacity)
  • Occupancy Email or SMS alerts
  • Remote elevated temperature monitoring
  • View devices by Site, Location or Floor Plan
  • Automatic camera grid views
  • Bulk camera uploads


  • Native apps for iOS & Android
  • Remotely Monitor Live Video & Playback one-the-go
  • Receive Push notifications for important events
  • Open the mobile app from any Push, SMS or email notification to view video events
  • Biometric authentication available
  • Access recently viewed cameras
  • View cameras by Site and Location
  • Access personal and shared camera-grid views


  • Email, SMS and push notifications for motion, analytics and health monitoring
  • Rule engine to trigger alarms and notifications to user and groups
  • Alarm management with a built-in workflow to assign and complete
  • Unlimited cloud archiving for case management
  • Share cases with others for faster incident discovery
  • Download video evidence in MP4 files with unique overlays


  • Unlimited number of users per subscription
  • User management by groups
  • Roles based permissions system
  • Grant access to specific sites and locations
  • SAML2 Integration
  • Audit log of all user actions
  • Centralized user management between Access Control & Video Surveillance


  • Enable Cloud Analytics on any Camera
  • Edge Video Motion Detection
  • People Detection with customizable regions
  • Vehicle Detection with customizable regions
  • Customizable Business Insights Dashboards with Heat Maps and People Counting graphs
  • Camera Blur Detection
  • Camera Rotation Detection


  • Remotely Manage via Web
  • Browser Based Configuration and Setup
  • View and Search All Access Events
  • Create Rules to Promote Access Events to Alarms/Notifications
  • Configure Access Levels, Schedules and Holidays
  • Assign Access Levels and Cards/Credentials to Users and Groups
  • Auto and Manual Cloud/Controller sync
  • Permissions and Roles for Access Control Admins
  • Receive in-app, Text or Mobile Notifications
  • Configure Door Modes and Unlock Schedules
  • Review Alarms with Video Verification
  • Monitor Live Door States and Perform Door Actions Remotely
  • Audit Logging of Access Control Actions
  • See top access times
  • Retrieve Last Badge Information
  • Custom Dashboards for Door Monitoring

The Arc2 Gateway

  • Enable Cloud Analytics on any Camera
  • Edge Video Motion Detection
  • People Detection with customizable regions
  • Vehicle Detection with customizable regions
  • Customizable Business Insights Dashboards
  • Heat Maps
  • People Counting
  • Camera Blur Detection
  • Camera Rotation Detection

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