Healthcare Facilities Can Improve Security

Integrated Video Surveillance and Access Control

Protect patients and staff, reduce risk of medical equipment theft, and limit access to restricted areas with Arcules integrated video surveillance, access control, and analytics.

  • Monitor all of your healthcare locations and offices from any device, anywhere
  • Reduce capital expenses with low initial investment
  • Combine built-in security and business analytics to improve operations

Arcules is the ideal cloud-based security solution for medical and healthcare facilities of all sizes.  From a small, single practitioner office to a large multi-site healthcare system, Arcules delivers powerful security in an easy to use, cost effective service.

Healthcare Security Concerns

  • Medical Equipment Theft
  • Break-ins
  • Patient and staff safety
  • Inventory loss
  • Ongoing security and maintenance costs
  • Cyber security threats
  • Patient loyalty

Beyond Security

  • Business Intelligence
  • Heat Maps and People Counting
  • Access Control video verification

Why choose Arcules for Healthcare Facilities?

  • Fast and easy to deploy and manage across all of your medical offices and locations.
  • Integrated Access Control within the Video Surveillance platform enables access based video verification, reducing potential medical equipment theft while enhancing patient and staff security.
  • Built in people counting, vehicle counting and heat maps turn video into intelligent data to improve security and increase operational efficiency.
  • Minimal hardware and low initial investment: no need for servers; all you need is one small appliance for each location supporting up to 30 cameras. Plus, Arcules integrates with most existing cameras – no need to replace what you already have.
  • Enterprise grade security: Built on Google Cloud Platform, Arcules delivers security, low latency, and global backup to guard against failure.

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