Healthcare facilities have enough to worry about without adding complex security solutions to the mix. Arcules reduces risk so you can get back to patients.

Protect patients and staff, reduce risk of medical equipment theft, and limit access to restricted areas

Hospital staff must respond quickly to emergencies as a matter of life and death. Physical security issues can’t get in the way of that, which is why taking a unified approach is the best way to secure these facilities. Arcules provides healthcare facilities of all sizes with the tools they need to protect everything from large facilities to remote, satellite offices — all from a single cost-effective and intuitive platform.
  • Centrally monitor all of your healthcare facilities and offices from any device, anywhere
  • Reduce expenses with low initial investment and an affordable subscription model
  • Combine built-in video analytics to improve safety and operations
Renown Health Secures Mobile COVID-19 Test Center with Arcules
By adopting the open platform and cloud-based functionality, Renown Health was able to use all of its existing encoders and camera infrastructure without having to spend the significant amount of time and resources it would take to completely overhaul the system.
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Overcome Obstacles in Healthcare

Supply & Medicine Loss
Monitor high-theft areas with video surveillance layered with powerful cloud-based analytics to protect medicine cabinets, supply rooms, and staff lockers.
Patient & Staff Safety
Set advanced motion detection analytics to monitor critical areas after hours, like parking garages and lots to ensure the highest levels of safety.
Medical Equipment Theft
Strengthen investigations when theft occurs using synchronized playback at the time of the theft, documenting with case management for swift sharing and action.
Easy to Learn & Use
Put video surveillance in the hands of staff with minimal training and access from any browser or our mobile app remotely.
Ongoing Security & Maintenance Costs
Remote management removes the need to visit on-site facilities with software that's always up-to-date from the cloud.
waiting room utilization
With people-counting and heat map analytics, you can monitor where people spend time in common areas to optimize space usage in patient waiting rooms.
Access Control Verification
Access control, video and analytics come together so you can use video verification on doors or access areas for the best possible cohesive approach to security.
Multiple Site Locations
Connect multiple practices, clinics and facility sites together while being able to scale using remote setup across locations in days (not months).
Cyber Security Threats
Arcules cloud platform utilizes the latest technology in security and threat prevention backed by Google Cloud technology. Data encryption is enforced at all vulnerable endpoints and in transit.

How Arcules Helps

Arcules empowers healthcare facilities to easily deploy and manage video surveillance across locations while proactively avoiding potential incidents, rather than reacting after the fact.

  • Find cameras fast, by the location that you know, with Floor Plan View. View the buildings on your campus like a blueprint and click on the camera icon to view and interact with video.
  • Installation takes days, not weeks or months. Fast and easy to deploy and manage across all of your medical offices and locations.
  • Automatically integrate access control with the incoming video data to enable access-based video verification, reducing theft while enhancing patient and staff security.
  • Built-in people counting, vehicle counting and heat maps turn video into intelligent data to improve security and increase operational efficiency.
  • Minimal hardware and low initial investment: no need for servers; deploying the Arcules gateway takes advantage of an open API so you can use existing cameras and infrastructure.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Built on Google Cloud Platform, Arcules delivers security, low latency, and global backup to guard against failure.

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