The Hospitality Industry
Can Improve Customer Experience

along with safety through cloud-based video surveillance

Protecting people and preventing crime

Theft, physical assaults, and tragic events such as the 2017 Las Vegas shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel have pushed hospitality and entertainment industry executives to identify more effective ways to deter crimes and preempt violence on their properties. The more we know and understand about perpetrators and how they plan their attacks, the better we can manage security to predict these types of events.

Hotels and entertainment venues have responded with various measures, including additional security staff in and around the property, adding video cameras, installing more sophisticated access control systems, and even implementing security theatre. While these measures are helpful, the associated costs don’t necessarily provide the highest overall return on investment.

The missing element in these solutions is centralized management capabilities and integrated data, which provide analytics that better predict potential criminal and violent acts, and enable staff to respond more quickly.

Easy to implement, manage, and grow with your needs

Arcules makes it easy to implement and manage cloud-based video surveillance. You can view all areas of your property, and even multiple site locations, from any web or mobile device. You may use existing CCTV system with Arcules, saving time and costs, and eliminate the need for extensive training. Smaller hotels and venues won’t need to have staff constantly monitor video, as the Arcules service includes customized alarms and notifications.

As your needs grow, Arcules grows with you: You can increase the scale of your video security operation, whether expanding security within one property, or adding additional properties and venues.

Unified, cloud based video surveillance: An investment in elevated security and customer satisfaction

Hotels and entertainment venues are looking for ways to increase guest safety while improving customer experience. Owners and managers may view security systems as a required cost, but maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is a necessary investment. Arcules Integrated Video Surveillance solves for both. Here are ways that Arcules helps achieves this:

  • One integrated system for accurate, predictive analytics: Disparate systems result in missing or inaccurate analytics. Arcules Integrated Platform turns video into data and analytics for not only better security measures, but also insights to enhance customer experience.
  • Customized alarms and notifications to proactively address suspicious events: Suspicious loitering, bags left unattended for long periods, tampering with cameras, and people attempting to enter restricted areas are cause for concern and immediate attention. Arcules enables you to set customized alarms based on specific criteria – such as someone entering an unauthorized area – so your staff can quickly respond even if they are not in front of video monitors.
  • People counting and heat maps to efficiently schedule staff and plan promotions: Arcules utilizes video analytics to deliver traffic and people flow insights throughout your property, providing business intelligence to improve staffing at check in, in on-site bars and restaurants, and in areas where analytics indicate additional security is warranted. You may use these analytics to also plan promotions to increase visits at restaurants and bars, for example, during slower times.
  • Video footage for employee training: A well-trained staff means happier guests. A business owner can use video to evaluate ways that staff can improve customer service. This will also empower the staff to be on the alert for activities that may indicate potential crime.

Preventative and Predictive Analytics to deliver safety, security, and improved business efficiencies

  • Centrally monitor multiple hotel areas, venues and geographical locations, from any web or mobile device, anywhere, any time
  • Create alarms and notifications to proactively respond to suspicious activity, such as loitering or unauthorized access
  • Improve staffing schedules at check in, restaurants and other areas based on Arcules intelligent analytics
  • Remotely schedule software updates at your hotel’s convenience
  • Improve operational efficiencies as Arcules is enabled for smart technologies, devices and software