Production facilities benefit from the scalable protection & business intelligence of Arcules – be the superhero by preventing accidents before they happen.

Protect your employees and product while improving day-to-day performance and reducing operating costs

Modernize your video surveillance operations while leveraging existing video hardware in order to achieve complete awareness across your facility. With Arcules, you can be the superhero by making safety a top priority and preventing accidents before they happen.


  • Centrally monitor all of your facilities from any device, anywhere
  • Reduce expenses by using existing cameras and sensors under an affordable subscription model
  • Combine built-in security and video analytics to improve workplace safety and operational efficiency
Chemical Manufacturers Modernize Security Operations with Existing Hardware
Facing a tight budget and significant security and compliance challenges, this chemical manufacturer was able to scale their business while using their 66 existing cameras and access control devices.
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Overcome Obstacles in Manufacturing

Workplace Safety
Monitor the safety of your employees in real-time from an intuitive, centralized platform. Get email, SMS, or push notifications to your device to easily identify problems and ensure your operations meet all regulations.
Remote Inventory Management
Keep an eye on inventory from anywhere, any time. With truly remote management, you can track the journey of your inventory, ensure supplies are sufficiently stocked, and prevent theft from any device.
Quality Control
Enhance quality control with smart insights from your own data. We can help you make better business decisions based on intelligent analytics, not guesses.
Reduced Maintenance
With centralized remote management and software that is always up-to-date, reduce your IT dependence and rely on us – we provide service before and after initial installation. No more rolling trucks to sites!
Advanced Detection
To ensure optimal safety, set advanced motion detection analytics to monitor critical areas during or after business hours, like restricted access zones or spaces with heavy machinery.
Real-Time Custom Alerts
Create rule-based alarms and notifications to get real-time alerts of unusual activity, such as individuals trespassing in restricted areas or employees not wearing vests and hard hats. Now that’s smart!
Multi-Site Support
No matter the size or scale of your facility, from quality control to workplace safety, Arcules has your back. Connect all of your facilities together using remote setup across locations in a matter of days.
Access Control Verification
Looking for a unified security experience? Arcules ties together access control with video surveillance to easily configure users and correlate access control events, like badge scans or door status.
Easy to Learn & Use
Arcules is on a mission to make surveillance systems simpler for a safer world. Our platform can be easily operated by anyone, with little to no training. You can empower your associates to work smarter based on real-time information and alerts.

How Arcules Helps

Arcules empowers manufacturers to have complete awareness across your facility while proactively avoiding potential incidents, rather than just reacting after the fact.

  • Quick and easy to deploy, learn, and manage across all of your manufacturing locations from a single pane of glass.
  • Improve operational efficiencies by integrating access control and video surveillance. Gain security and business analytics to make smart, data-driven decisions.
  • Minimal hardware and low initial investment – the Arcules gateway allows you to use your existing cameras and infrastructure. No need for servers and VMS racks!
  • Create custom alarms and notifications to get real-time alerts for suspicious or ongoing activity, such as people in restricted areas.
  • Utilize surveillance technology to mitigate safety risks and workplace hazards with platform features like true remote management and motion detection alerts.
  • Built on the Google Cloud Platform, Arcules offers only the best in speed, security, and scalability.

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