All it Takes is a Milestone Interconnect™ to...

Reduce investment
Gain better control of operational costs with a flexible and affordable pricing model.
Reduce Maintenance
Reduce maintenance with Arcules’ cloud service automatic software updates.
Eliminate Expensive Hardware
Use existing cameras and networks at remote sites without additional hardware.
Scalability & Flexibility
Arcules' customizable platform combined with XProtect’s powerful functionality brings together the best of both worlds.
Uniform Access
Live video, recordings, and alarms across all cameras and sites brings it all together.
XProtect Access
Access the entire system via XProtect Smart Client, XProtect Smart Wall, XProtect Web Client and XProtect Mobile.
Quick Remote Setup
Configure and maintain distributed sites using Arcules’ intuitive user interface that streamlines deployment and training.
Centralized Alarms
Automatically import alarms defined in the Arcules platform into XProtect.

XProtect Client

A Perfect Fit

The idea behind the Arcules XProtect hybrid solution alongside our technology partner Milestone Systems was to give customers more choice, as well as a pathway to cloud in their security solutions.

What we got was so much more than that, as we began to speak with enterprise customers around the globe about the way they approach video management.

Arcules-XProtect Hybrid VMS is what you get when you combine a trusted video management system with the flexibility of the cloud. Together, they offer businesses more flexibility and greater choice.

Well Connected

Connect small, remote sites with large, centralized enterprise locations for a complete, connected surveillance solution. Arcules sends cloud camera video and alarm data into XProtect for live viewing, recorded playback and evidence creation.

Together, Arcules and Milestone deliver a powerful hybrid solution for organizations looking to centralize their dispersed video surveillance operations and sites into a unified view.


Putting it All Together

Our platform continues to deliver the lowest latency cloud video experience for multi-site locations. Designed from the ground up so that every component, connection, and data flow work get from camera to viewer as fast and securely as possible.

Arcules remote sites with cloud storage and scalability

Up and running at every remote site in 10 minutes

Arcules management is auto updated, no maintenance, and can be accessed from anywhere.

Arcules mobile apps allow video surveillance on-the-go, with no additional hardware.

Utilize existing XProtect hardware and continue to work the same way

Use existing IP cameras (3,000+ models supported)

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