Professional Services

How Arcules empowers professional services and overcomes the challenge of remotely services clients across multiple locations

Today's Challenges and Limitations

Professional services firms that serve clients across multiple office locations have unique security needs. They are prone to internal theft, obligated to protect confidential client information, and need to ensure employee safety, since staff often work long hours late into the evening (for example, during tax season).

Many professional services firms with offices in multiple locations rely on their property management companies for security solutions. These solutions can be fragmented and disconnected, different in each location, and out of the control of the business owners leasing the office space. This leaves professional services firms vulnerable to risks that should be within their control.

  • Simplicity – key to servicing geographically dispersed clients
  • Secure – When your reputation drives your business, nothing is more important that security
  • Scalable – A scalable solution with an ROI as you grow
  • Adaptable – working together with existing systems and resources


Arcules makes it easy to implement and manage cloud-based video surveillance. Initial investment in Arcules Video Surveillance as a Service is lower than on-premise software solutions. You can view all areas of your offices as well as multiple office locations, from any web or mobile device. You may use existing CCTV systems with Arcules*, saving time and costs. And you don’t need staff to monitor video 24/7, as the Arcules service triggers customized alarms and notifications for suspicious activity based on your specific criteria.
Arcules ARC2 software securely pushes your local data to the cloud, encrypted in transit and at rest. You can rely on continuous video recording even during an Internet connection loss, and reduced downtime for software updates and maintenance.
As your business grows, Arcules grows with you. You can increase the scale of your video security operation, whether expanding security within one property, adding additional properties and venues. Arcules Integrated Video Surveillance can also be easily moved to a different location as needed.
Arcules is enabled for smart technologies, devices, software and more to deliver intelligent analytics and insights over time, so that you can more efficiently manage and optimize your operations while growing your business. To learn more about how to take security measures into your own hands – and access the next generation of video surveillance analytics.

How we do it

Arcules enables professional services companies to more easily manage video surveillance across locations, and proactively respond to potential incidents rather than just react after the fact.

  • Centralized management of all office locations from any web or mobile device enables you to monitor of all of your offices from anywhere, at anytime. You are in control of authorizing specific users, user groups, camera views, recordings and more. You may also manually schedule maintenance at any location when it’s most convenient for your business.
  • Customized alarms proactively alert you to behaviors that may indicate potential theft or criminal activity. These include camera tampering, unauthorized access to the building or offices during non-business hours, and even people entering private offices or areas. Any of these rules – created and customized by you for your business – will trigger a notification so you may proactively respond to the situation.
  • Business intelligence helps you optimize operations. Arcules does this through intelligent analytics, including people counting, vehicles-in-region, heat maps and more. You can also compare analytics across office locations to better manage client load, and even plan for moving or expanding your practice to other geographical locations.
  1. Determine usage
  2. Find a good partner
  3. Identify support resources
  4. Customize your data sources and plan

Preventative and Predictive Analytics

Arcules delivers Preventative and Predictive Analytics to deliver safety, security, and improved business operations and efficiencies

  • Monitor multiple office locations, from any web or mobile device, anywhere, any time
  • Create alarms and notifications to proactively respond to potential internal theft, unauthorized access, or other suspicious activity
  • Remotely schedule software updates at your business’s convenience
  • Create efficiencies in staffing at each location to improve customer experience
  • Enabled for smart technologies, devices and software to deliver intelligent analytics for operational efficiencies