Property Management Firms
Can Improve Safety

and Increase Efficiencies with Integrated Video Surveillance

The Challenge of Keeping People and Properties Safe

Property management companies responsible for multiple buildings or residential communities are judged on many factors: Filling vacancies, collecting rent and other dues, enforcing policies, property improvements, and more. The more important responsibility, however, is the safety of tenants and residents.

Whether managing multi-unit residential complexes, office buildings, or other properties where people live and work, ensuring safety and security can be challenging. It’s important to carefully assess risk, evaluate overall costs, and consider how to proactively manage security issues across multiple properties that you manage.

Selecting the right security solutions can be daunting, particularly if property management companies must address the needs of multiple locations, lack a large IT staff, or cannot have dedicated staff viewing live video 24/7. However, one bad incident – vandalism, theft, or worse, a violent act – can trigger costly maintenance, lawsuits and even cause irreparable damage to the company’s reputation.

High Risk Areas for Property Management

  • Parking garages: According to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than 11 percent of U.S. property crimes occur in parking garages and lots, as well as seven percent of violent crimes against people.
  • Common areas: Whether stealing from common areas or breaking into cars, offices or apartments, without video surveillance it will be difficult to catch and prosecute perpetrators.
  • Loitering: In stairwells, fitness centers, and recreation areas, loitering may indicate the potential for crime. Video surveillance and security analytics can help property management companies take preventative action.

Arcules Integrated Video Surveillance Meets the Challenge

Arcules enables property management companies to more easily manage video surveillance across locations, and proactively respond to potential incidents rather than just react after the fact. Here’s how:

  • One unified view of all properties from any web or mobile device. There is no need to set up servers and install a separate VMS at each property. The Arcules platform works with most existing cameras. You also create and manage users, user groups and permissions for viewing video at any or all locations.
  • Record video on motion: Are people trespassing or loitering during non business hours or in restricted areas? Arcules enables you to record on motion, and trigger notifications so security staff can respond immediately.
  • Set customized alarms and notifications: With Arcules, you can customize which types of events trigger alarms, and notify the right people to immediately address potential security risks without the need for 24/7 live video monitoring.
  • Gather business analytics to understand trends and patterns: When is the fitness facility most used? Are there specific days and times when the on site restaurant is most frequented? Utilizing heat maps and people counting features, Arcules delivers analytics so you can better manage the operational aspects of your business to better serve residents and tenants.
  • Easily scale: When adding properties, or adding video cameras in existing locations, ARC2 software makes it simple to add to your existing Arcules service. And you can continue to monitor all locations from any device, at any time.

With Arcules, you can effectively increase safety and security across all of the properties you manage, without requiring additional staff.

Improve Safety and Security Without Increasing Staff or Workload

  • Centrally monitor all of your properties in all locations from any web or mobile device, anywhere, at any time
  • Quickly and easily add new properties to your Arcules Video Surveillance Service
  • Create alarms and notifications to proactively respond to suspicious activity, such as loitering or people in unauthorized or restricted areas
  • Remotely schedule software updates and security fixes reducing the cost and burden on your IT staff
  • Improve operational efficiencies with security and business analytics, as Arcules is enabled for smart technologies, devices and software