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Multi-family complexes & businesses benefit from the scalable protection of Arcules Unified Cloud Security

Unified security for property managers

Whether managing multi-unit residential complexes, office buildings, co-working spaces, or other properties where people work and live, Arcules is the ideal cloud-based security solution for enhanced security and safety.


  • Monitor all of your property and office locations from any device, anywhere
  • Easily deploy new locations with low per-site investment
  • Combine built-in security and business analytics to improve property management operations
WeWork & NYSS Inc.
“We rapidly converted 100 sites in the United States and Europe, and did it all remotely. What Arcules did for us is not the industry norm. Arcules gave WeWork new life to old technology and saved them $1.4 million in the process.”
– Greg Keeling, NYSSINC
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Overcome Obstacles in Property Management

Tenant Safety
Monitor the safety of your tenants from an intuitive, centralized platform, from anywhere. Easily identify problems and grant/restrict access as needed.
THEFT or vandalism
When crime hits, see what was happening on all cameras at the time of the incident using synchronized playback. Case management helps you document all pieces of the puzzle for authorities.
Unattended lobby
Use motion detection to identify people entering unattended lobby locations and send SMS or email notifications to anyone.
Vehicle Monitoring
Use vehicle detection to manage parking lots or structures and loading zones. Set rules and alert notifications for approaching cars after hours.
Access Control Verification
With access control and video seamlessly integrated together, video verification on door or access areas becomes the standard.
Easy to Use
Put video surveillance in the hands of staff with little to no training. From any browser, anywhere.
Ongoing Security & Maintenance Costs
Remote management, drastically reduces the need to visit on-site retail locations by using software that's always up-to-date via the cloud.
Open Camera Support
Support for 3,000+ IP camera models. Existing cameras remain in use without rip-and-replace or choose the latest technology from leading providers for the best surveillance for your location.
Cyber Security Threats
Utilize the latest technology in security and threat prevention backed by Google Cloud technology. Data encryption is enforced at all vulnerable points.

How Arcules Helps

Arcules enables property management companies to more easily manage video surveillance across locations, and proactively respond to potential incidents rather than just react after the fact.

  • Centrally monitor all of your properties in all locations from any web or mobile device, anywhere, at any time
  • Quickly and easily add new properties and locations, with low per-site investment
  • Create alarms and notifications to alert suspicious or ongoing activity, such as unattended lobbies, loitering or people in restricted areas
  • Reduce IT dependence with remote, automatic and ongoing software updates and security fixes.
  • Improve operational efficiencies by layering security and business analytics for the best results

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