How Retail Can Reduce Loss and
Identify Strategies to Increase Sales

And Improve Customer Satisfaction with Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Prevent loss, increase operational efficiency, and eliminate costly maintenance with Arcules integrated video surveillance, access control, and analytics.

  • Monitor all of your retail locations from any device, anywhere
  • Reduce capital expenses with low initial investment
  • Combine built-in security and business analytics to improve retail operations

Arcules is the ideal cloud-based security solution for retailers of all sizes.  From a small, single-site, low camera count location, scaling up-to large, multi-site operations with 1000s of cameras, Arcules delivers powerful security in an easy to use, cost effective service.

Retail Security Concerns

  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Break-ins
  • Customer & employee safety
  • Inventory loss
  • Ongoing security and maintenance costs

Beyond Security

  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer traffic Heat Maps
  • Access Control video verification

Why choose Arcules for Retail?

  • Fast and easy to deploy, learn, and manage across all of your retail locations.
  • Integrated Access Control within the Video Surveillance platform enables access based video verification, reducing theft while protecting cash and inventory.
  • Built in people counting, vehicle counting and heat maps turn video into intelligent data to improve security and increase retail business efficiency.
  • Minimal hardware and low initial investment: no need for servers; all you need is one small appliance for each location supporting up to 30 cameras. Plus, Arcules integrates with most existing cameras – no need to replace what you already have.
  • Enterprise grade security: Built on Google Cloud Platform, Arcules delivers security, low latency, and global backup to guard against failure.

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