Forensic Video Search

Search Hours of Video in Only Seconds on Any Camera

No Extra Hardware
Available on the thousands of devices supported by the Arcules open platform. No need to upgrade existing cameras or cloud gateways to take advantage of AI detection.
Get Evidence Fast
Highly accurate AI object detections and speedy cloud processing reduce time spent collecting video evidence from hours to mere minutes or seconds.
Build & Export Cases
Easily obtain relevant video data around an event of interest and build it into detailed case reports for export. Go from incident to shared evidence in a fraction of the time.


Built into the Arcules cloud-managed VMS, Forensic Video Search leverages machine learning technology to allow users to search vast amounts of recorded video based on granular filter criteria such as people or vehicles across time.

Quick & Accurate

Uses the latest in artificial intelligence to provide instant and highly relevant search results, regardless of camera model or feature set. Find the event you’re looking for without wasting time sifting through hours of footage.

Use Existing Cameras

Breathe life into old hardware by bringing smart cloud analytics to existing devices. Available on the more than 6,000 cameras that work with the Arcules open platform.  No need to upgrade cameras or existing cloud gateways.

Simple Deployment

Turn on Forensic Video Search with just a switch! Once the feature is enabled on a camera, you can start using it right away. The magic of cloud is instant service. Seriously, go ahead – No further setup required!


Easily manipulate search filters with visual tools and get real-time feedback based on a particular camera view, date/time, specific object of interest, and even color.

Search By Region

Get rid of extraneous results! Forensic Video Search allows you to further refine searches by specifying a custom drawn area of interest within the camera field of view.

Powerful Investigations

When combined with Arcules’ video sharing and case management capabilities, our Forensics Search feature provides a complete investigative solution.

Advanced Video Search Features

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