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The Toggery is a country and western store that has been in business for 100 years in Bishop, CA – a small town of about 5,000 people located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. This charming store serves thousands of customers from across Inyo County and the eastern Sierras region, as well as thousands of travelers who are headed up to ski at the popular ski resort, Mammoth Mountain.

With anything technology-related, it's great until it doesn't work. We were down to virtually no cameras, so we had to come up with a solution. Enter Arcules.

The Challenge
The Toggery has been within the family since the 60s, and when Bill and his wife Leslie took it over four years ago, they applied technology immediately. “We run several companies including our CPA legal practice in Oregon. We’re accustomed to being the CPAs from a remote place. But could we manage a retail store from afar? We needed to add technology to enable us to manage effectively.” This small town store is a well-oiled machine. The store has one manager, a few clerks and associates to run it locally. Meanwhile, keeping an eye on inventory and customer interactions is a full-time job, one that neither Bill nor his wife have bandwidth to do while also running their other businesses. In fact, when it comes to managing security systems, nobody has time for that.
The Toggery had been running a high-end security platform from a company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Everything was running smoothly until they ran into some issues with the equipment. The company’s support staff was not helpful or responsive, and the closest tech support was hundreds of miles away on the other side of the mountains in Fresno. Bill knew that in order to keep his camera system up and running 24/7/365, he needed a vendor he could rely on.

The Solution

When it comes to security providers, you need a partner, not a vendor. Having to go through layers of communications channels just to get your problem solved isn’t productive for anybody. Bill contacted Arcules and got routed directly to someone who could help. Arcules worked directly with Bill to answer his questions about the company and the technology. Compared to Bill’s experience with his previous vendor’s support structure, it was like night and day.

“To Arcules, I was about as big as a gnat on a fly’s fanny, and yet they were glad to help me with my questions,” says Bill. “It really felt like I was getting the velvet glove treatment.”

A key benefit of the Arcules solution was that The Toggery could use their existing camera infrastructure instead of having to buy all-new equipment. After The Toggery’s gear was configured and the software was installed and set up, they were up and running with eight cameras in the store.

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Why They Chose
Robust Remote Management

Arcules delivers the features and capabilities The Toggery needs to maintain an “eye in the sky” in their store, enabling management to keep track of inventory, monitor customer interactions, and improve security.

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A Partner, Not a Vendor

The Toggery can depend on Arcules for available and helpful support 24/7/365 to make sure their cameras never go down for any reason.

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Ease of Use

Being busy business owners, Bill and Leslie don’t have time or resources to manage a complicated security system – Arcules lets them smoothly and simply keep an eye on things themselves while they’re working.

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Cost Savings

By allowing The Toggery to leverage their existing security infrastructure, Arcules helps Bill keep money in his pocket instead of spending it on expensive new gear.

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The Toggery is using its modern camera infrastructure from Arcules as a sophisticated remote management tool to help streamline business processes and drive improved customer experiences. Because Arcules is delivered as a service, The Toggery doesn’t have to worry about refreshing their gear every few years to get the best solution possible. It’s all state-of-the-art, all the time.

“We’ve got a higher-quality image now even though we’re running the same cameras,” says Bill. “In the event that there’s something happening on the floor that we want to take a look at, we can play it back and examine it from multiple camera angles. It helps us run our store more efficiently without digging through camera feeds.”

While many other retail businesses simply buy their security equipment from a big-box store and call it a day, these off-the-shelf systems become obsolete almost as soon as they’re installed. And in the event of an equipment failure or outage, you’re on the hook to do your own troubleshooting or repairs. With Arcules’ subscription-based model, The Toggery can get the unique features and capabilities they need without the unwieldy up-front expense. And tech support is only a phone call away, with dedicated teams of experts standing by to help with even the toughest technical challenges.

You could go down to any big box store or go on-line and spend money on security gear, but at the end of the day, it’s really all just disposable equipment. However, with Arcules’ robust cloud-based solution, it’s updated all the time. I’ve got a direct relationship with them as a vendor, so I know the equipment is going to work when I need it to.

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