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Cloud audit logs log all user activity to keep a trail for investigations and company policies where any system changes need recorded. Logs are kept in the cloud indefinitely.

We provide Single Sign-on for your organization to more easily manage user access/login into our platform.

Legal compliance gives you control over your data privacy. You can control different data types to be stored for the periods of time you choose across various regions. 

Network diagnostics give IT Admins the quick ability to verify communication via ping between Arcules Cloud and the Gateway

Our Setup checklist for is for IT Admins and Installers to make sure they have completed all steps to successfully setup their Access Control.

The Hardware section is where you add and configure the supported Axis controllers. Setup takes minutes, and can be managed remotely after initial wiring/install.

Access Control schedules allow you to set schedules for work hours, evening shift, etc. Create as many as you like with whatever settings you like.

Holidays allow you to define days to ignore regular Schedules for ignoring regular modes during special events or holidays.

Access levels are a combination of assigning where someone can access (which doors/reads) and when (schedules) they can access.

The Access Events list shows all events in the Access Control system so you can monitor events you care about. Any event type can be setup with our rules engine for notifications and alerts.

User groups allow you to create groups any way you like - by job functions, locations, teams, etc. and speed up workflows by granting permissions or assigning notifications to each group.

Users or groups can be assigned one or many roles, which grants access to features within our platform. 

Grant users and groups access to one or many Site and Location.

Inviting a user to the platform is as simple as clicking plus, and entering their name and email address. Users can then complete their own registration.

Managing access control cardholder and granting building access is all done in one place. Users can be granted access levels, assigned cards/pins, and all managed remotely.

Our alarms management gives team members access to quickly view and verify alarms trigger by the rules engine. Sort and filter alarms by type, status, time, and site/location.

As team member view alarms, the list shows who on the team has taken ownership to review an alarm so it's clear who is responsible for what.

Alarm managers can add comments to keep an internal trail of information about the event.

Alarms will show video footage of the time of incident and a live view for comparison.

Rules can be created on any set of sites and location. Create a rule across all your sites, or one for a specific subset of sites.

Rules can be applied to any set of events in the platform including health events, video motion, people/vehicle in region, access control events, and any supported camera analytics.

You can choose to always run rules, or only run them during scheduled times.

With any event you can trigger an alarm, which promotes the event into our internal alarm management system.

Rules can trigger notifications to specific users or user groups. Users can choose whether they receive these notifications via email, SMS and in-app notifications.

Rules can manually trigger a set of cameras to record in case the camera was set to only record on motion. This gives you flexibility and assurance of capturing the events you most care about.

Click a rule to view/edit it's details. Go ahead, click it!

Our rules engine gives you the power to get notified about security, health, access control, and motion or camera analytics. Set alerts to notify users/groups via notifications, emails, or texts.

When viewing a location, filter the device list by device type.

For device health, each device displays it's online status. Our rules engine allows the ability to get notifications based on device health.

Floor plans can be created for any location, allowing you to arrange your devices visually on a map of your location. Click to check it out!

Any camera or door at a location can be added to your floorplan.

Cameras can be displayed as different icons depending on the camera type, and rotated to the correct field of view.

Floorplans give you quick visual access to view any camera. Once a floorplan is setup, it also automatically adds the floorplan view to Camera Views so any person with a role to only view cameras, can also view them on a floor plan.

Navigate down to a specific Site. Go ahead, click it!

A new location can be created with a simple click, and cameras added immediately. Scaling to multiple locations is instantaneous.

Our full device list is designed for integrators and IT managers to manage devices across all locations. 

Click a device to view more details and access device settings. Go ahead, click!

For device health, each device displays it's online status. Our rules engine allows the ability to get notifications based on device health.


Any camera can be enabled with our cloud analytics. Click to see!

Cases allow you to store evidence about an incident. Each Case can include as many exported video clips as you like and are each watermarked.

A case can be share with any other user or user group to manage who can access the evidence.

An entire case can be downloaded as a ZIP file to be played offline.

Let's make the view a little bigger. Click here.

Click here to check out a 5x4 grid of cameras.

Create multiple dashboards to organize heatmaps and people counting over time. Create dashboards for one location or across many to optimize business operations.

View insights data over time to identify traffic patterns or to identify abnormalities.

You have complete customization over which heatmaps and analytics to display on your dashboard.

An overview of all the sites and locations you have access to.

Online Device Health across all your sites and locations

Quickly see recent notifications that need your attention.

Cloud based Access Control is built in to the core of our platform. No messy integrations, and works seamlessly with our Video features.

Add widgets to your customizable dashboard to monitor video, and top access statistics.

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