Integrated Video Cloud Surveillance

Better. Simpler. More Connected.

Video Cloud Surveillance
New! Arcules Video Series

Look and Act Across Your Organization

Set up and manage video and devices

Leverage cloud and AI/ML for better analytics

View your video and data anywhere, anytime

All Sites, One View

Bring all your locations together in one global view.

Customizable Insights Dashboard

Correlate data across your sensors and sites to identify analytics insights.


Easily access all your alarms, notifications, and corresponding forensic videos.

Global Dashboard Overview

See the status and health of your entire organization.

Today’s Situation

  • Site-specific hardware and software
  • Siloed video data
  • Costly and time-consuming server maintenance
  • Multiple layers of passwords and networks
  • Slower to get urgent video and data

Arcules Solution

  • Minimal hardware, one experience
  • Centralized video, devices, and/or users
  • Continuous automated updates
  • Secure by design and GCP secure
  • Unified Experience With Analytics

Our Solution Supports a Range of Industries

Food Service
Smart Buildings
Safety & Security
Professional Services

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