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Tools, documents, videos and resources to empower your ability to offer Arcules solutions to your customers that are ready to embrace the cloud.

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We support integration partners who want to meet the growing demand for cloud-based physical security with next-generation cloud video surveillance, access control and analytics.

Partnering with Arcules allows you to:

  • Build your business with RMR
  • Expand your customer base
  • Boost your margins
  • Reduce your customers’ overall security risk
  • Streamline training and support

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Arcules can help architects, engineers and other consultants become solutions experts to design their customer’s surveillance solution using the Arcules Platform.

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Partner Testimonials

"Arcules simplifies the equipment required at each customer’s location, and enables Stone to manage more efficiently and conveniently. It’s a completely different approach, having the ability to process and do analytics in the cloud. It’s very proactive in the way they approach video. It’s much broader than security".
Aaron Simpson
CTO Stone Security
"Going from initial request for a demo to pilot literally happened in one week. The fact that we went into a production environment with working, recording cameras, and we were able to manage it, view recordings, share videos, and set up views yet we had little-to-no training… this was unheard of".
Gregory Keeling
New York Security Solutions, Inc.