Cloud Video Management System


The Arcules Cloud Video Surveillance Platform was designed to maximize your security investment by moving to the cloud, seamlessly integrating with your physical security and business functions while leveraging decision intelligence to improve all aspects of your business.

By integrating everything under one interface, you can take advantage of cutting-edge technology while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of a cloud solution.

Remote access to video footage and data from any location with internet connectivity allows you to easily monitor and manage your surveillance system. This, coupled with features like motion detection, makes it easier to respond to incidents or check on premises, even when you’re on the go.

Whether you have an existing in-depth video surveillance system, or you’re building a new one from scratch, our cloud video management platform fits effortlessly into most hardware. With Arcules, you can maximize the investment on your security system.

Adding new hardware or expanding to new locations is easy with Arcules. Our platform bends to fit your needs and offers space to grow outward and upward with cutting edge tech or larger facilities. 

Outdated hardware is difficult to maintain and security personnel can be expensive to employ. Automating your video management system with features like analytics and cloud storage reduces your need for extra technicians and upkeep.

By leveraging advanced video management software like video analytics, motion detection, and heatmaps, you can ensure greater visibility over your premises. A security system that doesn’t sleep is hard to beat.


Cloud-based video surveillance is at the core of the Arcules VSaaS Platform, offering a number of advantages over traditional surveillance solutions.With Arcules video surveillance solution, you can:

You shouldn’t have to rip-and-replace expensive equipment to realize the benefits of integrated cloud security. That’s why the Arcules solution lets you use your existing IP cameras and network gear.

With Arcules, connecting your devices and configuring the system takes minutes, not hours.

We put your entire organization at your fingertips from one interface so you can view and remotely access any security camera, from any computer or mobile device, at any time.

Quickly find cameras or sensors and visualize your devices laid out over a building blueprint.

Synchronized Playback lets you display up to four security cameras in one view. Scrub through the timeline and easily export evidence from all cameras into a shareable case.

Updates and security fixes are constant and automatic, making your IT team happy while eliminating the costs and downtime.

Feel secure knowing that all of your recorded video footage is backed up on the cloud and easily accessible.


Forensic video search is a key element of the Arcules solution, leveraging AI-based deep learning techniques to allow you to search vast amounts of recorded video. No extra hardware is required, as the open Arcules VSaaS Platform is compatible with thousands of devices, cameras, and cloud gateways. Arcules forensics solution enables you to:

Our highly accurate AI object detections and speedy cloud processing reduces valuable time spent collecting video evidence.

Easily access relevant video data around an event of interest, and build detailed case reports for export moving from incident to shared evidence in record time

Our cloud-based, AI-driven forensic video search provides instant and highly relevant search results without wasting time sifting through hours of footage.

By making it easy to customize and manipulate search filters, you can get real-time feedback based on a particular camera view, date/time, specific object of interest, and even color.

Get rid of extraneous results! Forensic Video Search allows you to further refine searches by specifying a custom drawn area of interest within the camera field of view.

access control

Access control is a critical element of any physical security system, and the VSaaS solution you choose needs to easily and seamlessly integrate with the access control offering you have in place.

By integrating access control with video surveillance in a cloud environment, you can streamline your most important security functions. Arcules access control integration offers faster setup than traditional security systems, Additional advantages include:

Remove guesswork by correlating access control events, like badge scans or intercom requests, with recorded video footage.

Arcules’ intuitive, browser-based installation and workflow makes it easy to configure everything in your system, from doors to users to access levels.

Unburden your IT team and easily set up global schedules, access levels, and holidays from a single interface.

Create rules and alarms specific to your operation to trigger notifications that will empower you to proactively respond to security events.

Access control combined with Arcules video monitoring provides a complete picture of your facility.

Arcules’ open API and partner plug-ins allow you to easily integrate with popular access control devices and services. From native support for Axis A1601 and A1001 door controllers, to our Feenics Keep and IMRON UnityIS integrations that enable pass-through support for live and recorded video, you’re covered from every entry point under a single pane of glass.

security / compliance

At Arcules, security is in our DNA. Our engineering team has baked in several industry-standard protocols (and even a few unique tools) to our platform to mitigate risk at the application level while providing the control/flexibility to fit into your existing environment.

It is critical that any cloud service you choose contains stringent data protection – especially those in highly sensitive industries like healthcare, data storage, or education. That’s why Arcules offers a suite of certified tools and services which enable you as the customer to be compliant in the way you manage and store your data within our platform.

SOC 2 Type II

SOC is an auditing procedure that ensures service providers securely manage customer data.

SOC 2 compliance is determined by an audit from an AICPA-certified independent third-party and mandates that organizations adhere to specific information security policies and procedures in line with their business objectives.


The European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation in 2018 as a response to privacy concerns around the way businesses collect their data online.

The Arcules Cloud Platform is designed with the flexibility to give you control over where your data is stored globally, as well as how it is collected and used under strict GDPR guidelines. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information!

HIPAA for medical

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 mandates the way medical organizations collect and manage patient healthcare data. Arcules enables HIPAA compliance by providing full control over access and permissions, while keeping data securely encrypted to hospital standards.