true safety for any industry



Cut costs, keep your current cameras, and add a revolutionary level of modern intelligence to your schools’ security systems with Arcules.

Designed for institutions of all sizes, Arcules lets you access any camera or location anytime via your mobile device or browser. From single buildings to multi-campus universities, Arcules takes security and operations to the next level.

Initial installation is low-cost and simple, as is adding new locations. Plus, Arcules’ automatic and ongoing updates help cut IT costs.

Prevent incidents. Protect students and staff–no new hardware required.


Arcules makes physical security easy and air-tight, so your team can focus on what matters most: your patients.

Centralize and monitor your entire facility–plus satellite offices–within an easy-to-use platform.

Enjoy fast, low-cost set-up alongside an affordable subscription model. Arcules immediately improves your safety and operations to protect patients, staff, and equipment.

Simplify security with an intuitive, unified solution. Focus on patient care.


Monitor all your facilities across a simple and easy-to-use platform. Access all your cameras and locations anytime via your mobile device or browser.

Plus, tie together video surveillance and access control to remotely oversee user entry, badge scans, and door status with seamless ease.

Arcules cuts costs by integrating right into your current cameras. Then, it provides business-critical intelligence that helps protect your employees, property, and product. Even better, it effortlessly scales with you as you grow.

Improve safety, day-to-day performance, and operating costs with AI.

property management

Arcules is built to safeguard and scale with properties of all shapes and sizes.

Enhance security, safety, and operations with an affordable, easy-to-use platform that plugs right into all your current security cameras and devices.

Adding new locations and devices is easy. And you can access everything and everywhere anytime–from any device.

Protect your property and tenants with user-friendly, unified surveillance.


Arcules turns your current security cameras into 24/7 smart detection devices.

Monitor all your storefront and warehouse locations using your current cameras to protect your property, products, patrons, and staff.

Arcules delivers powerful security across a cost effective, subscription-based platform. Whether you manage a single-site store or multiple sites with thousands of cameras, you can protect all your physical assets with ease.

Reduce theft. Protect your property. Take your business to the next level.