Arcules VSaaS Platform:

The Future of Video Surveillance for Business

The world’s only truly open cloud-based VMS offering, the Arcules VSaaS Platform enables you to effectively manage security and intelligence across multiple physical locations with the highest levels of control and agility.

Monitor all your sites from an easy to use, lightweight web portal, and manage video data along with access control and automation, all while extracting critical data points to help employees make better decisions. And our simple subscription model reduces financial risk and procurement complexity.

The Benefits of VSaaS for Your Business

Unlike traditional systems that rely on local storage and bulky, expensive equipment, a cloud-based VMS (VSaaS) solution offers greater flexibility and accessibility by leveraging less-invasive equipment and cloud-based storage.

Moving to a VSaaS model also saves valuable time and money by gaining access to intuitive video analytics, all without the need for new expensive equipment. The Arcules VSaaS Platform will transform your security operations in a number of key ways.

Centralize, Simplify and Scale

The complexity and cost of buying and managing on-premise security solutions across multiple locations can be overwhelming. Existing legacy systems make it very complicated to share data or enable remote access, making centralized management impossible.

The Arcules VSaaS Solution is built to easily manage multi-site video surveillance on a massive scale —using your existing security cameras and sensors.

Monitor and control multiple sites from a single web interface:

  • Enterprise-grade video, AI, access control, automation
  • Connect existing cameras, devices at multiple sites
  • SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR protections
  • Flexible subscription model, upgrades included

Simplifying Multi-Site Security Management

We understand that every business is different, so we designed the Arcules VSaaS service to be simple and flexible – allowing you to deploy our solution in whatever way best fits your business.

Cloud Video Architecture

Does your site have plenty of bandwidth and you prefer high redundancy? Choose our cloud video option and allow the system to manage and host all your data securely in the cloud.

Edge Video Architecture

Are you looking for on-site storage or have some bandwidth constraints? Our edge video architecture allows use of local storage, without sacrificing the benefits of remote cloud access.

Camera to Cloud Architecture

Or perhaps our Camera to Cloud service provides a better bandwidth friendly, cost-effective option for some of your smaller sites?

Mix and Match

Or better yet, maybe a mix and match of these options is the best solution for your multi-site, geographically diverse business?

Integrating Your Security & Business Functions

The Arcules VSaaS Platform is an open, comprehensive platform that easily integrates with all your security functions, existing infrastructure, and workflows. Unlike traditional systems and other cloud surveillance solutions that require a major upfront investment to rip & replace cameras, the Arcules surveillance system saves time and money by seamlessly integrating with existing cameras, physical security, and detection systems, eliminating switching costs and ensuring a smooth transition from legacy systems.

We partner with best-of-breed solutions to integrate with all your security solutions, enabling you to increase efficiency and streamline your operations. Key integrations include:

  • Cloud Access Control Systems (Feenics, Imron, Genea)
  • Environmental Sensors (Halo IOT – Vape, THC & Gunshot Detection)
  • On-Camera Video Analytics (Occupancy Counting, Thermal Monitoring, Loitering, etc)
  • ONVIF Cameras (6000+)
  • Central Monitoring Systems (IMMIX)
  • Milestone XProtect

Stay Connected to Your Security Anywhere

One of the major advantages of a cloud-based solution is the ability to access vital, real-time information from virtually any location on any device. The Arcules VSaaS Platform makes that vision a reality, with mobile and desktop apps that let you view your security cameras and access cloud storage surveillance footage even after-hours, in unmanned locations, or when unexpected incidents or deliveries pop up.

Get notified in real time about the critical issues that matter most to you and your business; from open doors to environmental issues, and everything in between

The native Android and iOS Arcules mobile apps enable you to:

  • Monitor Live Video
  • Scroll Through Timeline Recordings
  • Access Recently Viewed Cameras
  • View Cameras by Site and Location
  • Receive Personal and Shared Camera Views
  • Receive Push Notifications for Important Events
  • View Alarm Events from any Push, SMS, or Email Notification
  • Video Playback in Portrait or Landscape View

Cost Effective and Evolving With Your Needs

By adopting a cloud-based platform, security professionals can significantly reduce management and maintenance costs while continuing to rely on existing infrastructure.

Software upgrades are automatic, and continuous monitoring and proactive support alerts you to potential issues before they become problems. The Acrules VSaaS subscription model reduces risk and complexity, with a number of flexible customization options to meet all of your needs.