Maintaining multiple properties has its security challenges. It’s not easy to have total visibility over all buildings and spaces, and the employees and tenants that work and live there. Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS) offers peace of mind to residential property managers and building owners by enhancing security in apartment buildings, parking garages, co-op and condominium complexes, gated communities, and other multi-family dwellings where the owner or manager of the property is not always on premises and manned 24 x 7 security is not an option.

The Benefits of Video Surveillance

A video surveillance security solution helps keep residential properties secure and improves the personal safety of staff and tenants by providing a visual deterrent to would-be criminals that they are being monitored and their actions are being recorded.

The very presence of apartment security cameras makes residents feel safer knowing that if an event should occur – violence, theft, vandalism, accident, or medical emergency – someone is watching and help is on the way. Video surveillance provides time-stamped visual proof of human behaviors, what may have caused an event, and help determine who is responsible. It can be used to identify suspects and missing persons, provide descriptions of clothing and vehicles, and submitted as evidence in law enforcement or insurance investigations.

Video surveillance is a cost-effective alternative to property managers posting live security guards at every entrance to every property. Today, cutting edge imaging technologies built into video surveillance such as motion detection, thermal imaging, and infrared for clear night vision instantly alert security personnel to every threat. These smart video surveillance cameras don’t take lunch breaks, fall asleep, call in sick, or charge overtime.

With a modern video surveillance system in place property managers can effectively manage and monitor activities across multiple locations from a centralized portal, evaluating threats and directing security patrols or calling in law enforcement authorities to manage situations as needed.

The question becomes, though, how do property managers handle, review, index, and archive what could be thousands of hours of digital security footage? The cost of data storage and the servers to manage it all on premises can get prohibitive, and the hours of manually sifting through gigabytes of video files to find an exact moment in time can be painful. Fortunately, there is another way: VSaaS.

Arcules VSaaS Platform: Cloud-Based Video Surveillance for Property Managers

Arcules is the world’s only truly open cloud based VSaaS platform that easily integrates with all a business’ security and maintenance systems, and existing infrastructure. Unlike other video surveillance solutions that require a major upfront investment to install proprietary hardware and rely on local storage and bulky, expensive equipment, the intelligent Arcules surveillance system saves time and money by seamlessly integrating with your existing cameras and sensors and providing scalable cloud-based storage.

As a subscription-based service, you pay only for the capacity you need with the flexibility to scale up or down as your business changes. Your security personnel can monitor all cameras installed at multiple sites from a single pane of glass. Arcules offers a user-friendly centralized web portal to access real-time information from virtually any location on any device. Arcules provides mobile and desktop apps that let you view your security cameras and access cloud storage surveillance footage on demand. And with access to intuitive AI-powered video analytics, Arcules can comb through hours of video using keywords to find that exact moment in question in seconds, saving valuable time and money – all without the need for new equipment. Arcules supports more than 6,000 types of ONVIF-compliant IP cameras, access control panels, and sensors, maximizing your investment in existing video technology.

Whether you need to observe the comings and goings of tenants, track deliveries, monitor premises for loitering or vandalism, capture incidents on video for insurance liability or legal evidence purposes, or simply lower your expenses of video surveillance, the Arcules VSaaS Platform supports several advanced capabilities to safeguard residential properties, including:

  • Live remote video monitoring and recording. View security cameras by site and location to see activity in real time, scroll through timeline recordings, and access footage stored in the cloud.
  • Scalability. Add cameras, sensors, and security devices at will. Ramp up data storage as your business grows.
  • Cloud-based data storage. All data is stored in secure Arcules servers in the cloud indefinitely, backed up for disaster recovery purposes, and always available through remote access.
  • Advanced video surveillance. Features such as motion detection, night vision, and thermal imaging (heatmaps) enhance security by picking up threats and movements that might go undetected by humans.
  • Multi-camera display. Synchronized Playback lets users display up to four cameras in one view. Scrub through the timeline and easily export evidence from all cameras into a shareable case.
  • Device location visualization. Quickly find a security camera or sensor and visualize your devices’ exact position laid out over a building blueprint.
  • Forensic video searching. Leverage AI-based deep learning techniques to search vast amounts of recorded video for evidence gathering. Limit search parameters and areas, search for a particular camera view, event date/time, a specific object of interest, or even a color.
  • Occupancy monitoring. Arcules analytics can track and count people entering and exiting a space, alerting authorities if a maximum occupancy threshold is reached.
  • Push notifications and alerts for mobile users. Be notified instantly when an event occurs, or an alarm goes off for immediate response.
  • Access control integration. Arcules’ open API and partner plug-ins allow you to easily integrate with popular access control devices and services, like triggering video recording when a door controller or badge scanner is activated.

By adopting the Arcules cloud-based video surveillance platform, property managers can significantly enhance security and lower costs by migrating to a cloud-based commercial security system yet continue to leverage their existing cameras and infrastructure. VSaaS transforms capital expenses (CAPEX) into operating expenses (OPEX) for easier budgeting and accounting advantages.

With Arcules, software upgrades are automatic, and proactive support alerts you to potential issues before they become problems. The Arcules VSaaS subscription model reduces risk and complexity, with a number of flexible customizable options to meet your unique needs and budget.

If you’re interested in learning more about cloud-based video surveillance systems, check out our Arcules Cloud Surveillance Solutions page and schedule your FREE consultation.