IRVINE, Calif., March 23, 2022 – Arcules, the leading provider of intuitive, scalable v video surveillance-as-a-service solutions, today announced significant investments to the customer experience team to support enhanced performance, scale and resilience amid a growing demand to adopt cloud services for video surveillance. 

As cloud technologies reshape and disrupt the business models of integrator partners and the security programs of end-users, the customer journey has become more critical. Moving beyond simply managing the cloud and leveraging it to create value for the business is now a C-level directive. The Arcules Customer Experience Team helps position stakeholders to gain continual value from their investments in Arcules solutions, with the overall goal being to deliver easy, intuitive and effortless experiences in both product and the day-to-day business interactions.

The move supports Arcules’ vision of how effective customer engagement in the physical security segment should be defined and reflect the increasing need to connect with customers. The reorganization of Arcules positions all customer-facing individuals outside of the sales department as part of the customer experience team to ensure the seamless and consistent execution of exceptional experiences to customers at all touchpoints along their journey. 

“As a leader in the video surveillance market, we continue to invest in innovative technology and services to reaffirm our commitment to solve our customers’ most complex business problems,” said Andreas Pettersson, CEO, Arcules. “We have always delivered on our promise of a great customer experience and as our business continues to experience rapid growth, we are making investments to continue to ensure a successful and positive customer experience.”

The expanded team will work alongside partners and end-users to define outcomes and track key success metrics. They will also offer guidance, resources, and adjustments as needed, including:

  • Align customer-centric goals
  • Develop actionable plans to deliver differentiated customer experiences
  • Guide, monitor, and measure success
  • Train security, IT, and aligned stakeholders
  • Architect, deploy, integrate, and operationalize solutions
  • Troubleshoot issues and resolve problems

“Customer experience has become front and center for organizations rather than a ‘nice to have,’” said Edward Hobart, Vice President of Customer Experience, Arcules. “The market has gone through a lot of expansion in the past decade. At Arcules, our goal is to clearly define and support this process from the moment you onboard our solutions, through the entire lifecycle. Our comprehensive approach delivers an easy, intuitive, and effortless way of working with us that helps organizations realize accelerated time to value.”

About Arcules

Arcules, a Canon Group company, addresses the unmet need of modern enterprises for integrated cloud-based video surveillance, access control, and IoT with its Unified Cloud Security Platform. Arcules combines untapped video monitoring data with sensor data and analytics to deliver actionable insights that ultimately drive better business decisions, optimize operations and improve safety. Arcules is headquartered in Irvine, CA.

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