For anyone who attended Milestone Systems’ MIPS 2020 in Dallas–including the Arcules Team– it was evident what the “Power of Open” really means. Milestone’s Vice President of Americas, Tim Palmquist, precisely defined the “Power of Open” and described the key characteristics that are involved in this motto: choices, openness, and community. As many of us who attended this week witnessed firsthand, there is indisputable value being members of the Milestone community and it is through our partners that we are able to deliver the best possible solutions for the security industry.

Data and analytics, reseller business models and agile ecosystems were all the buzz at MIPS, and Arcules was excited to be apart of Milestone’s first step into the cloud in 2020.

ICYMI: Arcules and Milestone announced the availability of the Arcules Plugin for Milestone XProtect

Arcules CRO Nigel Waterton explained how the two companies share a driving force for solving client problems with openness and excellence. The hybrid VMS platform creates game-changing flexibility of choice when it comes to the cloud, giving users the ability to experience the best of both on-prem and fully cloud-based services.

The Arcules Plugin for Milestone XProtect provides a complete solution for businesses that are challenged with securing both a headquarters location and smaller, disparate facilities. Waterton discussed three significant benefits that the solution gives these users:

  • Simplicity: can be installed in less than four minutes
  • Scalability: quick and easy for users to add on
  • Affordability: Milestone customers can keep XProtect investment while adding functionality

Additionally, while traditional VMS platforms are typically updated two to three times per year, Arcules’ cloud service is updated three times a week. This is done without service disruption to the user, ensuring continuous video recording so that no footage or data is lost in the event of an interruption.

Download the Arcules Plugin for Milestone XProtect data sheet

Above all else, Waterton emphasized the fact that the Arcules Plugin for Milestone XProtect is a fully integrated solution, which stems from our strong partnership with Milestone and the ability to leverage the company’s tools to showcase the “Power of Open.” As mentioned during MIPS, the entire community is partaking in this journey together, hoping to achieve transformation through collaboration.

MIPS 2020 was a thoroughly enlightening event and Arcules is honored to have been able to share the stage with so many thought leaders, as well as demonstrate the power of our newest cloud integration.

Learn more about how the Arcules Plugin for Milestone XProtect can allow your organization to centralize its dispersed video surveillance operation.


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