IRVINE, Calif. – July 22, 2021 – Arcules, the leading provider of unified, intelligent security-as-a-service solutions, announced that local Nebraska non-profit, Together, recently streamlined their security infrastructure through the Arcules unified cloud platform. The Arcules solution allows scalability for Together by being cost effective, simple to use, and compatible with existing IP cameras and networks.

Like many nonprofits, Together runs lean to preserve and direct resources back to the people who need them most. In 2018, President and CEO Mike Hornacek made the decision to adopt the cloud across their entire organization, from their enterprise software to phone systems and video surveillance infrastructure. The non-profit recently updated their cameras and ultimately, desired a cloud-based solution that would allow them to preserve their recent investments.

As a longtime Milestone customer, the security upgrade needed to be able to integrate with their Milestone-XProtect video management software. After researching cloud-based security solutions, Hornacek decided that Arcules was capable of fulfilling all of their requirements and would allow for future scalability for the organization. The Arcules’ open platform enabled Together to leverage their existing cameras and provide cost and operational efficiencies.

“By adopting a cloud-based platform, Together has been able to significantly reduce security management and maintenance.” said Hornacek. “Software upgrades are automatic, and continuous monitoring and proactive support alerts our team to potential issues before they become problems. As a, nonprofit, we are often spread thin, and Arcules cloud-based infrastructure has made us more effective in ensuring the safety of our facilities and participants.”

“Arcules is proud to play a part in offering our unified cloud platform solution for Together” said Nigel Waterton, CRO, Arcules. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for Together’s services surged by more than 400% across all programs and their volunteer count was cut in half. Today, they have the support of a robust technology backbone that empowers them to monitor activity from any location and provides peace-of-mind that safety and security are enhanced, even when staffing is reduced. As Together Omaha continues to grow, we look forward to scaling with them.”

Learn more about Together Omaha’s success story here.

About Together

Together is a non-profit based in Omaha, Nebraska that has supported our community for the past 46 years. Our mission is to prevent and end hunger and homelessness. We achieve our mission by working through strategic partnerships and collaborations with other nonprofit organizations, government, businesses, and caring individuals. Together’s core values of hope, dignity, compassion, excellence, and diversity are the guiding force in how the organizations leads and serves those who need Together most.

About Arcules

Arcules, a Canon Group company, addresses the unmet need of modern enterprises for integrated cloud-based video surveillance, access control, and IoT with its Unified Cloud Security Platform. Arcules combines previously untapped video monitoring data with sensor data and analytics to deliver actionable insights that ultimately drive better business decisions, optimize operations and improve safety.

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