With GSX just around the corner, we want to give you a sneak peek into what we will be showcasing at the event this year. The Arcules team has been hard at work creating valuable, innovative, and unique solutions to present at GSX. Here we highlight what’s coming to Orlando.

Our Focus on Cybersecurity Evolves

Data security concerns all organizations, including those that outsource critical business functions. We get it, IT security is a big issue. In 2021, cyber crime is expected to cost organizations more than $6 trillion globally, and recently, more than 77% of IT leaders reported that their companies experienced a security incident in 2018. Recent events have demonstrated that cyber attacks are inevitable, and as more organizations rapidly accelerate digital transformation initiatives, organizations need to be more proactive and vigilant.

That’s why we are always focused on ensuring the security of our services and solutions, and we consider it an integral part of our mission. We understand that physical and IT security are intertwined, and critical to the continuous operation of your business. That’s why Arcules’ cloud-native architecture puts security first; it’s all about going the extra mile for you. See how we evolved our focus on cybersecurity at booth 2049.

More Access Control Choices

Bundling multiple sensors and devices into one platform combines a variety of data into one unified interface. This approach provides users with a multitude of benefits. When unifying video and access control, for example, users can correlate video surveillance with access control events, associate cameras with doors, view the live status of doors, and authorize access to grant or restrict permissions, all through a single portal. Operators can also integrate alarms across the video and access services, eliminating the need to configure multiple software pieces to manage VMS and access control users and cardholders.

Access control has always been a core part of our offering, but now we’ve expanded support for several access control devices. With these new additions, the access control options you receive with Arcules just got bigger and better.

It’s all About You!

We have spent the last several years investing heavily in building and delivering the innovations you need to build your cloud strategy. As we increase the pace of our innovations, it is more vital than ever that we align our customer-engagement model with simplifying how our customers acquire new technologies and how we deliver value that drives their desired business outcomes.

Please join us in welcoming our brand new Vice President of Customer Experience Edward Hobart. Edward now leads Arcules’ efforts to deliver an unmatched end-to-end customer experience and focuses on enhancing the company’s position as customers’ first choice for a unified cloud security platform. A data-driven customer experience management executive with more than 20 years of experience, he focuses on transforming global organizations through superior customer-centric processes, designs, and cultures. Previously, he was Vice President of Customer Experience B2B Survey Strategy and Implementation at Wells Fargo.

Make sure to check out all the details on how you can experience the valuable information, innovation, and unique services that Arcules provides at GSX 2021 booth #2049. Whether you join us in-person or virtually, make sure to check out the other resources we have available as we gear up for the show! There’s so much in store.