While parts of the country are going back to work in some capacity, others are still navigating the tricky world of ensuring the protection of assets and facilities from afar. Luckily, with emerging technology that leverages cloud-based and remote monitoring, leaders don’t have to choose between the safety of people and the security of a facility.

Here are four ways you can virtually protect your assets in the current threat landscape:

Embrace the cloud. Arcules is a cloud-based company, so we’re always going to slip this one in (I mean, come ON!). But it’s really true that the cloud offers the ability to remotely protect assets without having to deploy on-premise hardware. Not only does the cloud scale over time as needs change, saving customers from having to invest in more and more on-premise containers to store video and other data, but it also brings a higher level of flexibility. On-premise solutions are more rigid in that they can typically only be controlled through a specific location, whereas cloud-based systems facilitate remote access from any device and at any location. This means the ability to virtually oversee and protect facilities.

Managed services. One of the biggest challenges in the current environment is the inability to use security teams on site. Once businesses start to resume operations, the added concern regarding an employee’s safety can bring remote protection needs to the forefront. This is where managed services can come in to “save the day.” Shifting responsibility to a valued managed services provider that has the ability to ensure the protection of a facility through remote monitoring capabilities can help to safeguard employees while also offering functionality to control cameras and other devices remotely.

Engage with forward-thinking partners. Together with New York Security Solutions Inc., we helped WeWork save $1.4 million by migrating its video surveillance system from on-premise to the cloud. And we did it all without setting foot inside their facilities. One of the ways Arcules takes the protection of assets to the next level is by offering the ability for organizations to leverage existing video infrastructure and cameras to reduce the cost of capital investments in security equipment and hardware. Doing so can help save money while boosting functionality.

Outsource global operations. Whether a location is vacant or is running at lower occupancy as a result of work-from-home orders, the goal remains: protect assets from threats, such as vandalism or theft — and do so quickly. That’s where a fully managed global security operations center (GSOC) can come into play. Arcules recently teamed up with RAS Watch to offer their cloud-based video surveillance service alongside the company’s managed GSOC, which empowers remote response and oversight, as well as system health monitoring for security infrastructure, including video surveillance cameras, access control readers, switches and other infrastructure necessary to ensure system functionality. Doing so takes security to the next level with virtual management and immediate response to threats. And isn’t that the overall goal?

Whether you’re in the midst of shifting security to a remote service or toying with the idea as the pandemic continues to unfold, there are a number of ways to ensure that your facility is secured and without setting foot on site. Ready to explore the possibilities? Join us for a quick and easy demo of the Arcules service every Tuesday. No pressure. No sales talk. Just straight facts. Sign up here.