The Arcules Integrated Video Cloud Service is built from the ground up so that every component, connection, and data flow creates an optimal customer experience. With regards to cybersecurity, we’ve approached the development of the solution with the mindset of “security by design,” which incorporates a layered approach to cybersecurity across the lifecycle of the product.

This topic will be extensively covered at PSA TEC 2019 during a panel presentation, “Secure Development Life Cycle,” at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 13, at the Sheraton Downtown Denver.

Building and assessing an organization’s Secure Development Life Cycle (SDL) can include:

  • Security requirements
  • Program and policy review
  • Threat analysis with modeling
  • Secure software design
  • Coding standards and code analysis (e.g., utilizing tools to test for code weaknesses)
  • Risk management to identify all functionality and sensitive data used and stored by the product
  • Penetration testing, which includes efforts to circumvent the risk controls and security configuration of the product, attempts to engage the product in a denial of service, attempts to access and authenticate on the product via unauthorized means, attempts to elevate privilege on the product and attempts to exploit vulnerabilities found acceptable during the risk analysis.

The panel discussion will review recent UL guidance and the SDL steps undertaken by various cloud, VMS, and hardware manufacturers in order to provide an enhanced audience understanding of the security software development lifecycle and the potential SDL roadmap elements they should discuss with their various vendors in the pursuit of sound cyber hygiene. The talk is critical for integrators to learn more about how product design can play a large role in the security protocols being used and updated regularly.

The discussion will be presented by experts in the field, including Arcules Cloud & Security Architect Ben Rowe; Integrated Security Technologies Co-founder Andrew Lanning; Bosch Security and Safety Key Account Manager David Brent; Tyco Cyber Protection Manager Jon Williamson; and UL Director of Business Development & Innovation Neil Lakomiak.

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