We’re thrilled to announce that the Arcules Cloud-based Video Surveillance, Access Control and Analytics service has been chosen as a winner in the 2019 IoT Integration Awards in the Video Surveillance category! The awards program, presented by Commercial Integrator, CE Pro and Security Sales & Integration Magazine, is designed to recognize the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices into “the physical world into computer-based systems, resulting in efficiency improvements, economic benefits and reduced human intervention.”

This recognition is especially timely as the IoT market continues to grow and current projections show a bright future for the industry. The market is expected to double by 2021, reaching $520 billion — a clear indication that end users desire the benefits generated from increased connectivity and enhanced communication between smart devices.

When it comes to video surveillance, these benefits are numerous. IoT makes operations easier and more streamlined, creating a greater level of efficiency for operators. This is a quality that is becoming more and more critical as the threats facing the world today become more complex, demanding the need for a proactive approach to security and the ability to mitigate risks in real time.
IoT makes this possible by allowing intelligent sensors to communicate with each other and transmit relevant data immediately, producing a notification or alarm when an event has occurred. The integration of sensors can include video surveillance, access control and analytics, and the data can be managed and stored in the cloud for central and remote access.

Additionally, IoT can incorporate the latest advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to take proactivity to the next step and identify vulnerabilities or suspicious activity. The new fifth generation (5G) mobile network is also set to revolutionize IoT with faster speeds for more efficient data transmission.

The Arcules service leverages combines untapped video and sensor data with the latest technologies in cloud and AI to deliver actionable business and security intelligence for modern organizations. The cloud-based service is designed to ensure security, scalability, streamlined operations and system management — all from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Thank you to Commercial Integrator, CE Pro and Security Sales & Integration Magazine for this honor!