As businesses begin to reopen following the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, organizations are looking for ways to keep employees safe and healthy while meeting various demands of state, local and federal authorities.

Adapting to these unfamiliar guidelines brings several challenges, including:

  • The need for lobby oversight. Many lobbies are not set up for social distancing. In this new era of work, lobbies will be unattended and unsupervised by a receptionist or office manager, and it can be dangerous for people to gather in groups in these places.
  • Fewer people on-site. Local governments are setting restrictions on how many people can be accommodated in a particular area, creating a challenge for those employees that are required to report to the facility.
  • Limiting exposure for employees. Installing and monitoring cameras on-site in this threat landscape can create discomfort for employees, necessitating remote functionality, setup and control.

The good news is that technology is playing a major role in making a safe return possible, and it’s easier than ever to implement innovative tools that offer oversight and business insights as well as provide peace of mind as employees embrace a “new normal.”

Setting Businesses Up for Back-to-Work Success

The Arcules cloud-based video surveillance, access control and analytics service integrates with existing cameras, reduces server maintenance and IT management, and turns video data into valuable insights to help your business run more efficiently — especially in the midst of this constantly changing work environment. Additional benefits include:

  • Quick setup: The platform can be up and running in less than 10 minutes.
  • Remote setup and monitoring: Cameras, views and notifications can all be configured remotely, simplifying setup and allowing operators to control access and utilize operational information to make informed decisions about the safety and security of employees and visitors.
  • Detect motion and “line crossing”: Analytics that detect when motion takes place or an area of a building becomes occupied can lead to operational benefits, such as ensuring enhanced cleanliness practices or the ongoing monitoring and alerting from areas that are deemed off limits to unauthorized personnel.
  • Virtual management of lobby area: Analytics like motion detection and heat mapping can help add oversight to a busy lobby area by allowing security leaders to virtually monitor a specific location for people entering, signaling that they need to be checked to access the rest of the building. This allows officials to respond quickly and effectively to any situation.

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