Bosses that look for their teams to fail swiftly. Leadership that takes a step back when problems need to be solved. Teams that are bold enough to reject any “asshole” that might stand in the way of a common goal.

These aren’t traditional business concepts, and at Arcules, we aren’t a traditional business. However unconventional, these concepts define us, and help our customers understand why we’re different than anyone else.

We embrace change and iteration in all facets of our organization, from engineering to recruiting, from marketing to research and development. Agility is key to our successes, and is a core value ingrained into each and every person on our team:

  • Failing fast and forward: While we don’t want teams to be negligent, we do want them to take risks, be willing to fail when trying new ways of solving problems, and learn from their efforts…”fast, and learn faster.” Our teams prove they can embrace this “failing forward” concept. It allows them to learn, pivot, iterate and remain agile. They turn “failures” into learning opportunities on continual improvement loops to better the product and the team overall. To accomplish this, our teams constantly remain constructive and embrace risk that is necessary to innovate.
  • Changing team dynamics: A classic cliche is that there is no “i” in team. As simple as this may seem, we have found a lot of truth to it. It’s a big part of the reason you won’t find the aforementioned “brilliant asshole” getting through our recruitment process. At Arcules, we form teams to solve a specific problems. After teams accomplish a goal or initiative, they move on to join or form other teams for a new project. Because we maintain talent with diverse skill sets and backgrounds, team members are consistently exposed to new ways to wp-contentroach problems and gain experience building better solutions.
  • Leading from behind: In order to empower teams to work selflessly toward the best product, our leaders employs servant leadership techniques. This means our leadership seeks to remove obstacles outside of the team, so those employees are empowered to solve and iterate as they need to when challenges occur. A team that can work together to solve a problem without interference from above is exponentially more valuable than a team that cannot. And, a leader with the confidence to trust her team to do this on their own possess a highly coveted skill.

Here’s how servant leadership works at Arcules: A group is working on a complicated set of features and encounter a problem. Traditionally, a supervisor might step in and outline their exact solution. But at Arcules, leadership takes a different wp-contentroach. Our leadership will instead push the team to define their specific problem as simply as possible, asking them to explain it to us as if speaking to a five-year-old. This often leads to the “ah ha!” or lightbulb moment without requiring a leader to hand-hold the team to a solution. When teams see problems to be solved, rather than decisions to be made, they own the responsibility and feel empowered to move beyond their obstacles and toward shared goals.

We believe these agile principles that permeate our work every day are what set us apart as we continue to grow the Arcules team. To that end, if working on a team of talented and dynamic individuals sounds interesting, we encourage you to browse our open positions.