In the past 5 months, Arcules has hired over 43 candidates from more than 6 countries. Using both traditional and forward thinking strategies, we have developed fast-growing productive teams with vibrant energy.

Why We Use Design Thinking Sessions in Our Interviews at Arcules

Both our candidates and hiring managers have been enthusiastic about the sessions so far. Mick Gow, who is now an Arcules Principle UX Designer, said “It was intense (in a good way) and gave me the best insights to the people I’d be working with and the type of work I’d be doing.  More so than any other interview I’ve ever had”. CEO Andreas Pettersson, who introduced the concept into the Arcules hiring process, “Through these sessions we get to see how a range of senior candidates think and collaborate in a live format with the people they would most likely end up working with…It presents a valuable way to unlock candidate insights versus traditional Q&A interview formats.”

What are Design Thinking Sessions and How We Use Them in Interviews

A “Design Thinking (DT) Session” is a timed portion of an interview, during which candidates can collaborate with others to visualize and organize their ideas around a particular scenario or challenge. Ideally the session would have 3-6 people including the candidate and an experienced design thinking facilitator. The facilitator guides these sessions to ensure they will be fair and efficient. Design thinking frameworks are used to help frame the problem and for the team to organize and express their ideas quickly.

DT Session Formats We Use in Interviews:

“Pre-Interview Challenge”  In advance of an interview, we send the candidates a set of relevant challenge scenarios. We ask them to choose one and to create user insights and product development strategies. During the in-person interview the candidate presents and we guide them into an impromptu group DT session which focuses on visualizing and fleshing out a particularly challenging aspect from what they presented.

“A Complete Surprise DT session”  We’ve used this format for evaluating senior product managers and sales positions. A candidate is presented with an impromptu strategic challenge:
“Our client is The Center for the Blind.  They are moving into a new skyscraper in Manhattan.  Your challenge is to work with the team in this room to create:

  • A plan for understanding this user groups unique needs
  • A strategy for implementing and validating a new solution”

Top 3 Reasons to Use Design Thinking Sessions in Interviews?

   1.   Traditional Q&A format can be effective in many ways but it does not give you insights into how well a candidate will collaborate and problem solve with others

   2.   Some talented candidates just do not shine in a Q&A format. DT Sessions give a candidate a more fluid and collaborative stage on which to showcase their skill sets

   3.   Candidates have given feedback that the sessions elevated their excitement to join Arcules


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