The security industry has changed significantly over the years, and undoubtedly, the rise of digital transformations has shaped the way today’s organizations operate. Technology is revolutionizing how we complete tasks and make decisions, with a greater level of connectivity and interoperability driving enhanced processes and services.

One of the most prominent developments of this revolution is the rise of the cloud, which increasingly improves operations in numerous aspects of business around the world. For example, enterprise organizations are incorporating cloud-based applications in marketing, finance and human resources departments. Retailers can use the cloud and analytics to gather insight on customer trends and behaviors. The list goes on and on.

Organizations are looking toward the cloud as they strive to become a modern enterprise; that is, one that is comprehensively prepared, efficient and proactive with technology developments and usage, while still continually adopting efficiencies that benefit the overall organization.

Today’s enterprises are on the cusp of this concept, but many are finding themselves looking for a way to bridge the gap between their on-premise video management solution (VMS) and a fully cloud-based service. A hybrid cloud VMS platform can act as this link through four key aspects:

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Advanced technology will shape modern enterprises and the way they solve problems. The Internet of Things (IoT) has opened up a world of possibilities for organizations to enhance connectivity, and incorporating analytics leads to the generation of unprecedented business intelligence.

A hybrid cloud VMS platform encompasses the best of both worlds when it comes to security, including uniform access to live video, recordings and alarms across cameras connected physically on-premise and virtually via the cloud. The combination of powerful functionality and feature-rich video surveillance enables modern enterprises to streamline communication and information sharing.


Transforming into a modern organization often involves growth, whether through physically adding more business locations or internally evolving operational processes and technology. Regardless, the hybrid cloud VMS model is ideal for this transition. Hybrid cloud VMS sets businesses up for the future through its cost-effective scalability, providing ease and simplicity when it comes to deploying additional remote sites — promoting efficient business expansion and paving the way to becoming modern.

Risk Assessments

The path to developing a modern enterprise must include a strong focus on risk-based outcomes. The future of physical security and surveillance will be built on determining the greatest risks to an organization and tailoring solutions to match. Hybrid cloud VMS enables organizations to shift their risk management strategies from reactive to proactive, as the ability to remotely access the platform from any location facilitates increased situational awareness and response times to potential threats.


One of the biggest differences between traditional enterprises and those that are modern is the way that they interact with manufacturers and integrators after a system has been installed. Hybrid cloud technology has opened the door for both sides to benefit from a service-based model, which extends the manufacturer/customer relationship beyond product deployment. This allows organizations to experience consistent support, automatic updates and efficient data management, while integrators benefit from a long-lasting relationship that generates RMR.

Becoming a modern enterprise involves technology, scalability, risk assessment and service — all of which can be addressed with a hybrid cloud option. As a stepping stone toward pure cloud in the future, a hybrid cloud VMS platform will anchor the transformation between today and tomorrow, allowing organizations to enhance their surveillance operations with centralized management, remote capabilities and more.

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Ready to take the journey?

Now is the time for decision-makers to re-evaluate their current physical security practices and determine what it takes to move forward. If you’re ready to embark on this journey, learn more here about the new Arcules XProtect Hybrid VMS Solution or contact us.