When it comes to video surveillance in retail settings, most business owners and managers will reference theft and loss prevention as a key reason for deploying cameras all around the store. But in today’s world of connected technology where massive amounts of data are being collected (including video data), what if there was more to video surveillance in retail than theft and loss prevention?

With cloud-based video surveillance offerings, there is more to video surveillance than the typical retrospective use case. Certainly, video surveillance services must meet the requirements for identifying and addressing potential theft to reduce retail shrinkage, but using a smart video surveillance solution offering analytics and insights can keep business profitable by helping to identify opportunities for customer satisfaction and retention as well as more efficient business operations.

For instance, cloud-based video surveillance services can allow retail owners and operators to realize untapped opportunities such as identifying key areas within a store to strategically promote products. Another example could be improving customer satisfaction (and therefore customer retention) by quickly addressing the need for more cashiers at check out.


Here are some other benefits for adopting cloud-based video surveillance services for your retail business:

    • Monitoring from anywhere. Retail stores can monitor live or recorded video footage across multiple stores or locations, from a single software interface on any device.
    • Improved security operations management. From single-store owners to large security teams, cloud-based video surveillance provides an easy to operate method of managing security operations.
    • Business insights. Powerful analytics provide insights into store traffic patterns with easy to understand heat-maps and customer counts.
    • Business growth without limitations. Scale from a single store, small camera count to hundreds of locations and thousands of cameras easily and quickly compared to on-premise systems.

For retail industry executives and business owners, it is clear that successful retail businesses must address needs beyond inventory loss. It is critical retail organizations consider ways to deliver excellent customer service, and effective merchandising, all while also maximizing online and offline sales opportunities. As a 2018 NRF’s National Retail Security Survey noted from a respondent: “…[retail business owners] need more bang for the buck and security alone is one-dimensional. Time to move on from the past.”

If you’re tired of one-dimensional security, try out the cloud-based Arcules video surveillance to immediately realize the benefits of cloud for your retail security and business operations.


Check out the video below for an overview of the Arcules VSaaS Solution