Gregory Keeling from NYSSINC at MIPS2020

One of security’s top integrator. Gregory Keeling of New York Security Solutions, Inc. (NYSSINC) took the stage this week during Milestone Systems’ MIPS 2020 event to talk about how he’s been able to increase velocity and scale with Arcules.

View the on-demand video to hear firsthand about how his team supports 60,000 cameras, 20,000 access control points, and manage 700 servers without stepping into any buildings.


*Gregory Keeling was part of the MIPS 2020 session titled “The Battle for the Edge Cloud Reseller – where new and old Reseller Business Models Collide.” For the full session video, please click here.

The following is a transcription of Gregory Keeling’s presentation:

My name is Gregory Keeling. I founded a small business operating out of New York, our name, New York Security Solutions. Being a small business in the security industry, there’s definitely a lot of friction starting out. Really the first problem I had to face with starting a small business is how do I work around that friction. How do I eliminate as much as possible so that I can grow my business and not have to fight with the bigger guys? What I did was essentially a product of that concept.

How do I get something done and give something to the customer that maybe my competitor is not able to give to them. And this is what we’ve been able to do. 10,000 cameras, 100 global locations, in under five months, zero data loss, 1,000 users supported, and $1.4 million in savings.

Essentially the $1.4 translate to us repurposing as much hardware as possible. That was something that was really important to our client, that’s something that was extremely important to us. What I wanted to talk about is what these numbers mean to me.

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In my opinion, it makes me agile, it makes me efficient. I would say it makes me seem disruptive. You can talk about this all day long. And you go left, I go right, there is a value.

There is a value in seeing what everybody else is doing and doing the complete opposite. I could safely say that what I’m doing is the future of security technology. I think this is where it’s going. WeWork is an extremely large company. They leverage cloud services from companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft. These platforms and services allow WeWork to operate at scale. WeWork is an extremely, extremely efficient, fast-growing company.

And developing solutions to support a company like this is really where I fit in. This is where I was just right at home. What I could tell you is and not everybody will agree but I’m pretty smart. I also know that there’s people out there that are a lot smarter than me. And cloud services, technology, the platforms that are currently being developed, is going to help us reach those people that the security industry never even thought of connecting with these people.

Platforms like SAST, is going to, in my opinion, be the GitHub of the security industry. The people that you’re going to be able to connect to, what they’re working on, what they’re developing that is going to find its way into cameras is going to restructure this entire industry.

Today, my team supports 60,000 cameras. We support 20,000 access control points. We manage 700 servers. We do all this without stepping into any buildings. We never step foot on site. Every single migration that we did here was done remotely. The re-imaging of all the hardware was done remotely. We backed up over four petabytes of video in preparation for this migration. And again, never set foot on site.

I think people look at this and they don’t understand to an extent the magnitude of that. The magnitude of the small business operating out of New York that has been able to essentially work in 37 countries. Thirty-seven countries and most of us on our team have never visited any of them. I just really came up here to say my piece and talk about where I feel the industry is going, where I want to be, and well, that’s pretty much all I got.


About New York Security Solutions, Inc.

New York Security Solutions, Inc. (NYSSINC), headquartered in Queens, New York is a fullservice Security Systems Integrator specializing in surveillance, access control, intrusion systems, building automation and networking. NYSSINC designs, installs and services security systems to small, midsize, and large-scale industrial and residential commercial properties. Their mission is to offer individual customization of systems and products by working closely with clients to ensure that they are getting the best possible solutions for their business.

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