New York Security Solutions, Inc. (NYSSINC), a national security systems integration company, was founded in 2004 to meet the evolving network and physical security needs of rapidly growing organizations. Its founder, Gregory Keeling, started the firm with a mission to deliver solutions that balance security needs with budget and efficiency, along with time and cost savings.

This was the case when WeWork came to NYSSINC with some unique and challenging requirements for a new video surveillance solution. Here’s how Keeling and team tackled the challenges and delivered the right solution in partnership with Arcules.

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Critical requirements for a new Video Surveillance solution

Like many organizations, WeWork needed to centralize video surveillance management and monitoring, lower capital expense for servers, and reduce required labor to update and maintain software. In addition, they needed:

  • Integration with existing cameras, avoiding the need to rip and replace
  • Guaranteed video recording, even in the event of an Internet outage
  • Migration of camera information from their current video solution
  • A number of custom features, including multi-tenant support
  • Ideally, built-in business analytics to enable future business optimization

A number of solutions were vetted by Greg Keeling and the NYSSINC team. On premise solutions included many of the desired features, but also required significant capital expense, costly ongoing maintenance, and features that could not be implemented within the timeframe required. Many hybrid and pure cloud platforms not only lacked key features but could not scale at the pace the company was expanding.

How Arcules delivered beyond expectations

When NYSSINC partnered with Arcules, they were impressed with the capabilities of the solution, but also the willingness of the Arcules team to craft a plan to meet all critical requirements, including:

  • Support for seven different camera manufacturers to avoid costly replacement
  • A solution for exporting camera data from the current video monitoring service
  • Enabling complex user roles
  • Highly intuitive user interface that would streamline user onboarding and navigation
  • Built in analytics to ultimately improve business optimization

Because of the size and scope of the project, Arcules dedicated a team of experts to ensure that all deliverables were met within specified timelines. Arcules also gave NYSSINC and WeWork strong influence in the product roadmap, ultimately benefiting all Arcules customers with enhanced features and capabilities.

“We rapidly converted 100 sites in the United States and Europe, and did it all remotely,” said Greg. “What Arcules did for us is not the industry norm. Arcules gave WeWork new life to old technology and saved them $1.4 million in the process.”

Because the platform was designed to be intuitive and user friendly, today more than 1000 users easily manage and monitor locations around the globe, without the need for extensive training. As WeWork continues to grow and expand, Arcules is proud to partner with NYSSINC to deliver innovative solutions for both physical security and business optimization.

About New York Security Solutions, Inc.

New York Security Solutions, Inc. (NYSSINC), headquartered in Queens, New York is a fullservice Security Systems Integrator specializing in surveillance, access control, intrusion systems, building automation and networking. NYSSINC designs, installs and services security systems to small, midsize, and large-scale industrial and residential commercial properties. Their mission is to offer individual customization of systems and products by working closely with clients to ensure that they are getting the best possible solutions for their business. www.nyssinc.com