As security continues to move towards the cloud, it’s important for each and every person interested in purchasing a cloud-based security solution to do their research and speak with a reputable cloud security provider. The Arcules Unified Cloud Solution has the power to eliminate the complexity of physical security, and allows existing IP cameras and network infrastructure to be captured through a single unified interface, ultimately saving time and expenses across the entire organization.  For those who are new to this type of security,  there are bound to be questions. With that being said, let’s go over the most commonly asked ones!


How secure is the cloud?

At the most basic level, the cloud is probably something that you’ve already used. Whenever you utilize Google Docs to save a document, watch a TV show on a streaming service, or use a storage app like Dropbox, you are benefiting from the cloud. The truth is that using a cloud-based security solution is actually safer than the hard drive on your personal computer. This is because a team of highly trained individuals is responsible for monitoring and securing the infrastructure with all data stored in a reliable off-premises location.

How does the cloud scale?

We love this question! In our case, the Arcules Unified Cloud Platform allows for massive flexibility. We deliver an open camera platform, which eliminates the risk of hardware dependency, and allows the integration of over 3,000 existing IP camera brands seamlessly into the infrastructure, which means there is no need to “rip and replace” existing hardware – just connect to the cloud. Because you are no longer responsible for adding servers or managing storage, adding a new location takes only minutes and can be done remotely.

I heard the cloud is only for SMB environments. Is this true?

There is opportunity for the cloud to be utilized in nearly all every size of organization, however it’s important to remember that the cloud is not a “one size fits all” security solution for everyone. This is why we encourage you to get together with your team and figure out the best approach for your security and IT budget.  It’s important to remember that the cloud requires less security management on the customer side, as well as massive scalability for their security infrastructure. The solution your organization chooses can be modified to fit SMB as well as larger enterprise models.

How can you help manage my security with cloud services?

Here at Arcules, we have a plethora of solutions to fit whatever security needs you have. Through our unified cloud-based infrastructure, we can offer video surveillance, access control, IoT sensor support, analytics, remote setup, and configuration at scale. By allowing Arcules to streamline your security, you will save expenses on existing hardware, employee training, and have the added benefit of being able to scale your security with ease.

I have an on-premise video system but am interested in moving to the cloud. Is that possible?

With Arcules, that is more than possible! One of the many benefits of our unified cloud platform is the fact that we support up to 3000+ existing IP cameras. Which means you will most likely be able to keep the set up of your already established on-premise infrastructure with the now added scalability of the cloud.

Will I be “locked” into keeping the same cameras?

Nope! As mentioned above, Arcules supports over 3000+ existing cameras and does not require any type of specific equipment for you to utilize our cloud services. You are welcome to keep existing cameras, or pick new ones of your choosing whenever you deem necessary. There is no need to “rip and replace cameras” or purchase separate access control and analytics.

How does your sales model work?

Arcules offers extremely flexible subscription choices. There are several contract length options, including ones customized to meet your specific needs. Our sales team is always available to assist with any questions or concerns, so if you have any further questions about the cloud, our services, or just how the weather is today in California – we’re here for you!