Today, we are announcing a new name and refreshed mission statement. As Arcules, our technology fills the unmet need in the modern enterprise for a video cloud IoT solution. But what does this mean in practice?
The name of a company says a lot about what the business wishes to convey to prospective customers – its values, goals, mission and the problem it wishes to solve.

As the Arcus Global, Inc. team developed and advanced our technology in the video monitoring industry, it became apparent that the business problem we wished to solve and the technology we were building had evolved beyond what the Arcus name reflected.

At Arcules, our goal is to transform all that can be seen into actionable intelligence. Arcules aggregates video data in the cloud and uses the latest in artificial intelligence technology to identify critical business insights within that rich, and previously untapped data archive. Our mission at Arcules is to help the enterprise identify opportunities for optimization that ultimately improve business decisions and make the world a safer place.

Arcules rides the recent waves of advancement in cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence, and applies our extensive knowledge of the VMS industry, to deliver an entirely new offering for businesses. Arcules delivers the next frontier of business intelligence and optimization.

With such lofty goals, it was important that our name reflect that bold approach. As such, the Arcules name exudes trust, strength, security and the innovative spirit of our company, our mission and our product. The similarities to the Arcus name are no coincidence, either. With Arcules, we acknowledge our past as Arcus – the technology developed under the Arcus moniker makes the Arcules offering possible. With our new name, however, we wish to communicate growth beyond that technology into uncharted waters.

Does the Arcules mission resonate with you? Are you interested in tapping into the business intelligence within your security systems? Join us, we’re always looking to connect.