For retailers who own or operate multiple store locations, finding reliable, scalable security and theft prevention solutions that don’t break the bank can be a significant challenge. Traditional video surveillance solutions require on-premise equipment and a daunting upfront financial investment to implement in even a single location, and those costs can quickly get out of control when you start adding stores. Obviously, retailers can’t afford to ignore security and loss prevention needs, so what’s a cost-conscious, ambitious retailer to do?

Simply put, the answer is in the cloud.

Cloud-based video-surveillance-as-a-service solutions offer the best option for retailers looking to scale their operations rapidly and efficiently, while reducing costs and optimizing operations. Clear benefits of choosing a cloud-based VSaaS solution include:

Save Money on Upfront Investment

Legacy video surveillance systems require a wallet-depleting cash outlay just to get up and running. Purchasing equipment, paying for data and video storage, and accounting for the cost of ongoing maintenance can quickly add up. Cloud VSaaS solutions, on the other hand, operate on a flexible, subscription-based model that enables retailers to manage costs more effectively while automatically deploying technology updates that will ensure your system is always up-to-date.

A lower upfront investment combined with a predictable, fixed subscription fee helps multi-store retailers get a handle on recurring costs while better competing in a low-margin, unpredictable market. And by better monitoring potential theft and merchandise shrinkage, you’ll have more money coming through the door in the long run.

Centralize Security Operations Across Stores

When you’re trying to keep track of multiple locations, it can be challenging to make sure everyone has access to the same information at the same time. One of the most innovative and important advantages of cloud-based computing is the way it easily centralizes access to critical data, ensuring that real-time decisions can be made and implemented across teams quickly and efficiently.

By relying on the cloud, VSaaS retail solutions let loss prevention offices and any authorized user access video feeds and critical data from multiple stores using virtually any connected device, be it a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. And the best VSaaS solutions bake-in the highest level of security, so you can rest assured that nobody will access your security footage unless you’ve approved it in advance.

Easily Scale to Fit Your Growth

For retailers with growing operations, another key advantage of the cloud is easy scalability. A cloud solution for storing and managing video data allows for rapid adjustment and agility as a retailer grows or its technology systems become more advanced, reducing the complexity that might come with expansion. This kind of flexibility enables businesses to remain agile and competitive in a fast-changing marketplace.

A more traditional on-premise model would require you to evaluate new hardware, determine how much additional storage space is necessary, add licenses for your video management system, and pay for everything up-front as you grow. Data storage is no longer an issue within the cloud since it can scale up or down as needed, and additional cameras can be added easily for an incremental cost.

Gain Access to Advanced Data Analytics

Gaining access to actionable intelligence derived from data analyzed and stored in the cloud is another significant benefit to a cloud-based VSaaS solution for multi-store retailers. The cloud provides stakeholders with more insight into daily operations, helping to ensure that all organizational and security goals are met. With the ability to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, retailers can make more informed decisions, anticipate problems before they occur, and take proactive measures to address emerging threats.

Beyond some obvious loss prevention use cases such as facial recognition to spot known shoplifters or those suspected of engaging in return fraud, analytics also hold enormous potential for retail marketing and customer service departments. Imagine using heat mapping to determine what end-cap merchandise attracts the highest amount of customer foot traffic or allocating staff resources more efficiently because the surveillance system can recognize excessively long checkout lines.

As retailers continue to face evolving security threats, the adoption of cloud-based video surveillance becomes increasingly critical. By leveraging the cloud, multi-store retailers can gain a competitive advantage, streamline operations, and protect their assets and employees more effectively.

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