Arcules Setup:

Camera To Cloud

Congratulations on receiving your new camera to cloud service! We’ve designed this to be super simple.

You just need to get your camera cloud ready, connect it to the network and add it to your Arcules Cloud VSaaS.

Here’s what we’ll need to do:

get connected

You will connect your Camera to an ethernet cable on your network, power up, and you may hear some noises and see blinky lights
-that’s a good thing!

get your camera cloud ready

Confirm your camera hardware and software, install your SD card and then load the Arcules camera to cloud software (we call this an “ACAP”)

register or login

Once your camera is cloud-ready you will need to locate your Arcules registration email & click the registration link to begin. If you have already registered, you just need to log into your Arcules account at

( for cool EMEA folks)

( for awesome APAC)

create a location & add a camera

As a first time user, you’ll first need to create a “New Location.” Existing users will jump to the Device selection in the left menu and “Add Camera” then “Add Cloud”


no, seriously. This is easy. We can do it!