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This is your chance to connect with us in a relaxed online setting (dare we say, laid back?) Whether you’re here as an extension of your in-booth experience with us at an expo, or simply want to check out what’s happening at the event remotely – we encourage you to join us in whatever way works best here on Arcules Connect.


Arcules @ ISC West 2023

Embrace the cloud, further your digital transformation, and learn how to modernize your security and business operations from anywhere in the world. Join us in person, or here on Arcules Connect: a virtual event portal that brings you closer to the Arcules team, our products, and our vision to help you transition to the cloud.

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What's New at Arcules

Features Galore

Watch Our Latest Feature Update Webinar

In this video, Arcules product specialists Cindy Chang, Emily Xu, and Cara Grimsley take you on a walkthrough of everything fresh we’ve added to our cloud security platform. Take a quick peek at new tools for managing limited bandwidth, super fast live viewing for users on the local network, our new Feenics access control integration, shiny new mobile app updates, and our exciting AI-powered forensic search!

Access Control Expansion

Feenics Keep Integration

Through our strategic integration with Feenics cloud-based access control, Arcules combines our two cloud systems with a seamless connection that provides advanced insight into security events across a business’ infrastructure as well as expanded panel support.

The Feenics Keep app, which supports Mercury and HID  panels, is designed on a flexible infrastructure that allows stakeholders to embrace a more intelligent, connected environment. Together with Arcules, customers can view video in the Keep player for Windows, aligning video verification and access control data for powerful, informed decision-making.

Live Video Verification

Archived Video & Alarms

Play & Export Video

Our Team Is Growing

Steve Prodger
Chief Revenue Officer

Arcules Ignites Leadership Team with New CRO

Steve Prodger, a vanguard and results-oriented technology executive, joins Arcules as Chief Revenue Officer. He will catalyze the Arcules team to maximize revenue regeneration, global expansion, and strategic gains. Extending Arcules’ current trend of success, Prodger’s membership in the the leadership team will augment this era of growth and industry impact

An accomplished 20-year executive, Prodger has an impressive record of achieving profitable growth through business and technology transformations. He has a passion for delivering better customer experiences and high-value sales. With significant expertise in B2B SaaS sales, Prodger plans to create scalable pathways that generate results quickly.

Customer Success Stories

By taking advantage of Arcules’ open platform and Milestone XProtect integration, Together Omaha saved thousands of dollars and dozens of hours by simply linking the Arcules solution with their existing cameras and infrastructure.

Learn how Arcules and New York Security Solutions, Inc. migrated WeWork’s 10,000 channel video surveillance system from on premise to cloud and saved the company $1.4 million in the process.

As a small district with tight IT budgets and a lack of dedicated staff, LUSD was struggling to maintain its aging surveillance infrastructure. Arcules provided a flexible solution that would leverage their existing infrastructure while improving reliability and ease of use.

The Arcules Edge Cloud solution uses an average of only 10 Kbps (up to 50 Kbps) of internet bandwidth per channel while recording video, enabling Renown to operate inside the bandwidth constraints dictated by their mobile sites.

Experts in the News

Video Surveillance in the Cloud

Leveraging AI and IoT technologies with video data is becoming more common as organizations strive to optimize business operations while also boosting security across their facilities.

We will see the continued adoption of cloud-based intelligent video solutions that aggregate business data through video and artificial intelligence,” says Andreas Pettersson, CEO of Arcules

Cloud systems can solve more problems than ever using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the capabilities expand way beyond video analytics to include analytics in general, crunching a variety of data provided by Internet of Things (IoT) sensors.

Andreas Pettersson
Chief Executive Officer

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