Low Bandwidth Cloud is Here.

Even More Ways to Unify Your Security

Video Data on the Edge

The low bandwidth cloud solution uses local storage to eliminate bandwidth bottlenecks, delivering the benefits of cloud with video storage at the edge.

  • Set up, manage, operate and view video through the Arcules Cloud
  • Store video locally at the edge
  • Only uses 10-50 Kbps bandwidth while recording video
  • Archive and protect video evidence to the cloud with case management
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Select a Storage Type to Compare

Edge Cloud

Edge cloud stores video locally on the gateway – pushing only metadata to the cloud. Remote view and playback from edge, to cloud, to you. Set up, manage, operate, and view through the Arcules cloud platform.

Best for Sites…

  • With limited outbound bandwidth

  • With high camera counts and limited outbound bandwidth

  • That need to prioritize bandwidth during business hours for other systems
~ 0 Kbps
Per Channel

Bandwidth Comparison

Recorded video is stored on the gateway with recording & motion metadata uploaded to the cloud.
(outbound bandwidth approx. 10-50 Kbps/ch – based on 1080p, 12fps, 30% motion)

Pure Cloud

Cloud video storage constantly streams video to the cloud with low-latency live viewing and lighting fast remote playback.

Best for Sites…

  • Without strict bandwidth limitations

  • That want cloud-based security and intelligent video analytics

  • With limited space for hardware on-site

  • That want highly secure, redundant storage
~ 0 Mbps
Per Channel

Bandwidth Comparison

Video is constantly uploaded to the cloud, resulting in higher bandwidth consumption.
(outbound bandwidth approx. 1-2 Mbps/ch – based on 1080p, 12fps, 30% motion)

Hybrid Cloud

Get the best of edge and cloud storage by utilizing both options at different sites. Work with Arcules to customize a mix of edge and cloud gateways to direct critical devices to constantly push data to the cloud, while other devices locally store the data.

Best for Sites…

  • With a mix of remote or branch locations that have varied levels of bandwidth availability

How Edge Cloud Can Work for You

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