With Arcules, you can keep your cameras and still add
modern intelligence to your schools’ security systems.
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Protect staff and students and modernize your security using existing equipment and cutting costs

Whether you’re a small, private school or a large multi-site university system, we know educational environments come in all different shapes and sizes. Security can be a huge investment, which is why we’ve not only streamlined the process, but allowed you to use your existing cameras and infrastructure, too. Quickly add Arcules cloud services to the mix and you’ve got a complete window into your school.

Key Benefits

  • Centrally monitor all of your locations from any device, anywhere, at any time
  • Easily deploy to new locations or add additional channels with low per-site investment
  • Combine built-in video analytics to improve safety and operations without new hardware
Laton Schools Enhance Student Safety Using Existing Infrastructure with Arcules
As a small district with limited resources, LUSD was struggling to maintain its aging surveillance infrastructure across the district schools as the cost to maintain these systems was prohibitive. Arcules’ cloud-based open platform allowed LUSD to leverage all of their existing cameras and infrastructure, reducing expenses.
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Overcome Obstacles in Education

Staff & Student Safety
Put video surveillance in the hands of staff with minimal training. From any browser or Arcules mobile app, local or remote.
Advanced motion detection monitors trouble areas for people movement and send alerts when vehicles are detected near campus outside of regular hours.
Synchronized playback allows you to see what was happening on all cameras at the time of a theft, while documenting the incident for authorities to use in an investigation.
Use heat maps to see where students are congregating. Quickly locate and monitor incidents with easy video playback navigation. Event markers and search tools help you find it fast.
Multiple site locations
Connect school administrative and campus locations together with Arcules. Remotely set-up and scale across sites in just minutes or days, not months.
video & IT infrastructure
Arcules sends video and metadata to the Google Cloud for secure viewing, analytic learning, and retention. Minimal on-site equipment reduces up-front and ongoing maintenance costs.
Access Control Verification
Access control, video and analytics come together so you can use video verification on doors or access areas for the best possible cohesive approach to security.
Vehicle Monitoring
Use built-in vehicle analytics to manage areas where limited vehicle counts need to be enforced, like pick up and drop-off areas.
Cyber Security Threats
Arcules' cloud platform utilizes the latest technology in security and threat prevention backed by Google Cloud technology. Data encryption is enforced at all vulnerable end-points and in transit.

How Arcules Helps

It’s not enough to simply gather video. You have to be able to use that data to keep students and staff safe. Arcules enables educational facilities to more easily manage video surveillance across locations and proactively respond to potential incidents rather than just react after the fact.

  • Schools have a number of buildings. Arcules makes it easy to centrally monitor the entire campus — even remote sites — from any web or mobile device, anywhere, at any time.
  • Scale additional buildings or remote locations quickly, easily and with low per-site investment.
  • Find cameras fast, by the location that you know, with Floor Plan View. View the buildings on your campus like a blueprint and click on the camera icon to view and interact with video.
  • Customize alarms and notifications to alert suspicious activity, such as loitering or people in unauthorized or restricted areas, along with a clip of the incident to streamline response.

  • Share video instantly with the click of a button via email with internal or external stakeholders. This means better information sharing.
  • Reduce IT dependence with remote, automatic and ongoing software updates and security fixes.
  • Figure out ways to improve operations with advanced analytics that give you more resources to make changes to traffic flow, congested areas and emergency response.
  • Integrate with select third-party software, such as IP Video Corporation HALO sensor technology for gunshot, vaping and smoking detection.

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