Arcules Setup:


Register your account

Simply find your Arcules registration email and click on the registration link to kick things off (this article gives more detail!)

Get ready

Before we dive in, let’s make a few quick checks to ensure a smooth setup:

  • use our network guide to make sure your site is ready for action
  • jot down the MAC address found on your gateway – it’s important!
  • refer to this gateway setup guide article as you move through the process
  • not a must, but having a monitor, keyboard, and mouse nearby can be a
    lifesaver for troubleshooting

Plug in and power on

Connect an ethernet cable and switch on the power. Get ready for the magic – you’ll hear a few whoosh sounds and see some blinky lights. It’s all part of the show and means things are working as they should!


No matter where you are, we’ve got you covered:

embark on your Arcules journey!

You’re all set up! Now, let the fun begin. Dive into our interactive product tour right within the Arcules portal. It’s the best way to get acquainted with all the cool features awaiting you.

The tour will begin automatically for you upon login and will always be accessible via our chat feature.

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