Arcules Setup:


get connected

connect an ethernet cable, power up, and you’ll hear some whoosh noises and see blinky lights
-that’s a good thing!

register or login

locate your arcules registration email & click the registration link to begin. If you have already registered, log into your account at


( for cool EMEA folks)

( for awesome APAC)

create a location & add a gateway

navigate to your site, click “New Location”, then click the + icon in the top right of your location to add a Gateway. The MAC address is printed on a sticker adhered to your Gateway.

start adding devices

any devices on the same network as your Gateway can be auto-discovered. We don’t accept default camera usernames and passwords – you should change them first.


no, seriously. You’ve just completed in minutes what used to take a ridiculous amount of time and resources.

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