Data Sub-Processors

LAST UPDATED: Dec 2, 2022


We use a number of third-party tools to help offer our customers the best user experience. Some of your information is accessed or stored by these companies, so here’s a list of each one and their related privacy policies around how that data is used once it leaves Arcules.

Sub-ProcessorData DescriptionInteracts WithPrivacy Policy
HubSpotCustomer Relationship Management, Click TrackingMarketing Sites
FlywheelWeb HostingMarketing Sites
VimeoVideo Hosting & PlayerMarketing Sites
MetaClick Tracking, Ad RetargetingMarketing Sites
LinkedInClick Tracking, Ad RetargetingMarketing Sites
CapterraClick TrackingMarketing Sites
HotjarFull AnalyticsMarketing Sites
Auth0User AuthenticationPartner Portal
SalesforceCustomer Relationship ManagementPartner Portal, Product
AppleiPhone Push NotificationsProduct
SendGridTransactional Customer EmailsProduct
TwilioCustomer SMS DisseminationProduct
MixpanelUser Experience AnalysisProduct
IntercomLive Chat & SupportProduct
Sage IntacctCustomer BillingProduct
SplitError Logging & TrackingProduct
RollbarMobile Device Crash LoggingProduct
GoogleServe, Store, & Process Customer InfoProduct, Marketing Sites
GetFeedbackUser Experience Data CollectionProduct, Marketing Sites