Arcules continues to redefine the way you connect and engage with your video surveillance system (VSaaS) to help you ensure the safety of your employees, protect your assets and streamline your business operations. With our new live audio capabilities, specifically designed to support Axis devices (with more devices coming soon), you can elevate your surveillance experience beyond video monitoring. With the addition with audio you can leverage the following capabilities:

Onboard Axis Devices: Seamlessly integrate Axis microphones, speakers, horns, audio modules, or enable audio sources for cameras with built-in audio capabilities.

Live Streaming of Audio: Expand your understanding of an event with live streaming of audio directly through the web app, providing real-time insights into your surroundings.

Talk Down Capability: Speak directly from your Arcules web portal through to a network connected speaker Monitor live video and audio and react in real-time, making communication more dynamic and efficient for security events, safety situations or enhanced employee communications.

Whether you’re actively listening to live audio feeds or issuing instructions through network devices, Arcules ensures that staying connected is a breeze!

Why Audio?

Security Monitoring: Security professionals now have more comprehensive coverage by not only seeing but also hearing what’s happening. Detect suspicious sounds or unusual activities, such as footsteps or breaking glass, to identify potential intrusions.

Audio Security Deterrence: In the event of an intrusion, security personnel can use the live audio talking feature to issue warnings or instructions, deterring intruders and preventing security breaches.

Enhanced Safety: For organizations with secure safety zones or strict safety compliance, security or operations personnel can use this same live audio talking feature to issue safety warnings or, advise on safety compliance in real-time to be proactive in avoiding unsafe situations.

Live Announcements: During emergencies, utilize the live audio talking feature to broadcast announcements, provide instructions, or calm crowds, contributing to public safety.


Arcules VSaaS continues to empower security professionals with innovative solutions, ensuring a secure and connected environment. Experience the future of surveillance with our Cloud-VMS at